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Feedr is an online platform connecting over 80 of London's best eateries with offices across the city. We are building the employee food program of the future. Say hello to Cloud Canteen.

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Why 2019 Is The Year Of The Employee

As office workers groove their way back into their pre-festivities work funk, everyone is looking for a fresh start in 2019. The new year brings a lot of novelty, including new competition in the market, new employee engagement trends, and new market standards, setting new employee expectations around workplace culture. In a world where employee […]

4 Staff Treats To Say Thanks This Christmas

As the fairy lights and evergreen wreaths start popping up across the city, so do the slew of festive parties and corporate dos that come with the winter season.   We think December is a time for reflection and celebration of the year’s successes. In that spirit, you’ve got the office party is sorted, decorations […]

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