Whatever the order of the day, mood-flipping good food should be part of it.

In a world of work-from-wherever, Feedr delivers food that makes people happy to be in the office.

Feeding teams is our speciality, not a side order. Why? Because we started life in the office. Slumped at desks, tired of humdrum high-street food, ordering-in admin and late deliveries with two vegan options lost on the way. It was time for hassle-and-miss to go off the menu.

Today, Feedr delivers tasted-and-tested food fresh from local vendors. Easy on the admin. Low impact on the planet. All-out on flavour that brings everyone around the table.

Team lunch on the boss, a one-off breakfast for 40, organising a pop-up for 500 – it’s a joy to be done. Smoother than a strawberry protein shake. Bright-side like rainbow slaw. Or going back for that plate of brownies. Share with the team, share a few out-of-office stories, and chances are you’ll share oomph for that afternoon meeting too. Food off your plate, ready to keep the other ones spinning.

Feedr serves Good Office Days, just how you like it.

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