4 Food Trends Happening Today

4 Food Trends Happening Today

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Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Vegan? Paleo?


What do they even mean?!

Gluten-free lunch box from Pollen + Grace

We are by no means experts in these food trends, but we have members of our team that follow each one of these diets/trends for one reason or another. And since we are interested in these food trends and many of our vendors have meals specifically catered to each of these trends, we figured you would be interested too! So here goes nothing as we try to explain to you some basics behind a gluten free diet, dairy free diet, veganism and the paleo diet. For specific help in these areas, please contact a register nutritionist or your doctor.

Gluten Free Diet

  • Is not just a fad anymore, many people suffer from celiac disease most of whom are undiagnosed
  • Can improve cholesterol levels, help digestive health, and increase energy levels for those suffering from a gluten intolerance
  • Promotes eating less processed foods and more fruits and veggies


Dairy-free Breakfast in a bottle from Riise Breakfast

Dairy Free Diet 

  • Will help relieve stress on the digestive system
  • Can help clear skin, leaving you more confident
  • Encourages the eating of more calcium-rich foods like kale, broccoli, watercress and bok choy


Vegan Salad from Raw Press 

Vegan Diet

  • Is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle
  • Can provide enough key nutrients through plant-based meals that make it healthy
  • Consists of high volumes of legumes, fruits, and vegetables, fiber, and vitamin C all of which are believed to protect against a variety of cancers


High Protein Meal from Vita Mojo

Paleo Diet

  • Best referred to as going back to basics and eating as our ancestors ate
  • Supports a clean diet without additives, preservatives, or chemicals
  • Is high in protein which will help build and maintain muscle

Do you have an allergy, intolerance or dietary requirement? Contact our team today and we’d be happy to make a recommendation based on your needs.

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Because everybody should have the ability to choose what they want to eat for lunch.

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