4 Wellness Entrepreneur Stories From Across The Industry

4 Wellness Entrepreneur Stories From Across The Industry

4 Wellness Entrepreneur Stories From Across The Industry

Wellness has become more than just an Instagram trend – it’s becoming a way of life for many millennials. People are increasingly starting to realise that taking the time to nourish both mind and body leads to improved health, happiness, productivity, and quality of life. In response to this public demand for a better well-being culture, companies and even whole industries have shifted their focus onto improving employee well-being, birthing renowned industry showcases, with the likes of the Welltodo Summit and Balance Festival leading these conversations and celebrations of all things wellness.
At Feedr, we believe that the most effective approach to wellness is a holistic one. Taking care of your body and mind these days means so much more than just going for runs and eating healthfully (although these are definitely fantastic places to start!). There is a lot to be said for areas which conventionally aren’t associated with wellness, such as creativity classes, surrounding yourself with a few desk plants, or getting out of the city for a bit.
We have pulled together thoughts from leaders of London-based brands operating across industries, but with a core focus on wellness. From fitness fanatics, to creativity gurus, from the ultimate workplace foodies to tailored employee care packages, they share how their offerings improve well-being, mood, and create a sense of community, and ultimately, how helping people be at their best is at the core of everything they do.


1. DIGME Fitness

Inspired by the quality of group exercise studios in the US, Caoimhe Bamber and her husband Geoff set up DIGME in 2015. With top-of-the-line equipment and fantastic instructors, DIGME will help you set your sights high, achieve more than you ever expected, leave feeling exhilarated, and be in the best shape of your life – digging deep for real gains.

“There’s something about group exercise that motivates you more, pushes you harder and leaves you feeling higher than any individual workout could. At Digme we work hard to create communities around our studios, which is something our customers love. They’re joining a tribe of like-minded people in their quest to get fitter which is way more enjoyable than going it alone. One of the standout things we’ve learned is how many people use exercise to stay on top of depression and other mental health issues – it’s such a powerful tool for staying in a strong, positive state of mind.”
-Dan, Head of Fitness at Digme Fitness

2. M.Y.O.

M.Y.O (Make Your Own) is a creative studio for adults with the mission to help adults explore their creativity. From painting ceramics to life drawing, lino printing to calligraphy, there are lots of workshops to choose from. It’s BYOB, and you can bring your own food too, perfect for a birthday party, hen do, or a corporate team day!

While it might not be immediately obvious how M.Y.O. fits into the wellness space, there is a lot of data to suggest creativity positively impacts well being and reduces stress. A 2016 study showed a 14-50% reduction in stress hormone levels as the result of 45 minutes of creative activity, regardless of experience.

“From having hosted 1,000s of people while they get creative, we have found the biggest things people enjoy is getting away from their phones, learning to do something new with their hands and leaving having made something unique and that they can be proud of. Aside from the benefit of ‘being in the flow’ whilst creating, when you can forget about the stresses of life and which is well documented, guests also experience a lift in their confidence – they leave proud of what they have made and achieved, whilst expressing their creative side – which most people don’t do often. We find over 99% of people wish they did more creative things and find being creative relaxing. Being creative with others also creates a really nice, colourful and relaxed connection with people, so we find it’s great for team building days. People help each other, are supportive and there is lots to talk about when the class is finished. It’s pretty magical to see.”

-Sam, Co-founder of M.Y.O.


3. Feedr

We at Feedr are on a mission to revolutionise workplace food. We bring together the best food London has to offer onto one, easy-to-use online platform, and connect these amazing vendors to workplaces across London for their breakfasts, lunches, meetings and events. Providing food as an employee perk has become a huge way to bolster well being at work in recent years, with the number of companies offering food perks doubling since 2013.

“Feedr was built as a food perk and reward platform to provide healthy, delicious meals to employees at the office. We know that good food makes us feel better and work better, and the data supports that a food perk in the office boosts employee happiness, loyalty, and productivity . 89% of millennial workers would prefer an additional perk to a pay rise, and 60% of employees say they’d be happier at work if lunch was provided. Fostering a culture of team meals centered around healthy, nutritious food is a great way to improve employee wellbeing and create a stronger sense of community at work.”

-Riya, CEO & Co-Founder of Feedr


4. Wellness London

Wellness London is a one stop shop for all things wellness. They create company wellness packages for employees, which range to include mindfulness, sleep, osteopathy, physiotherapy, massages, and more! More importantly, they’re very data-driven, and pride themselves on providing exact details on how your company invests in the wellbeing of its employees with visible, fully utilised, tailored wellness programs.

“Wellness. We see the lovely side; the yoga flows, the mindful moments, the nutritional salads and high-five coaching sessions with smiling faces. However there is a very serious side to the need for employee wellness programs. One of our clients reached out to us following the suicide of a young man in the same building. Employees were in shock. We built a wellness program that showed employees how to trust that work wouldn’t make them unwell, physically for mentally. We installed in-office clinics, carrying in type from physical therapy to Nutrition and Counselling. We have recently launched Tai Chi classes. The change in culture has been amazing; employees have learnt to trust that their employer respects their well being and thus can work without fear. What can top that?”

-Kim, Founder of Wellness London


Want to kickstart your office wellness revolution? Get in touch on our live chat, or fill in our enquiry form, for some awesome menu recommendations for your next client meeting, team breakfast, or team lunch!

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