5 healthy meals that aren’t salads

5 healthy meals that aren’t salads

At Feedr, we’re passionate about promoting healthy eating and always providing nutritious options for food at work. Most people still associate healthy eating with salads, failing to recognise the breadth and variety of healthy meals available out there, as well as how good food differs depending on how and with what it is prepared.

We’ve picked out our 5 healthy meals that aren’t salads for those of you looking for some inspiration or variety in your meals. The best part – you can have all of these meals delivered to your office with ease using Feedr.

Macro Food

Macro Food believes that you should be able to enjoy what you eat. Eating healthy should not feel like a deprivation from good food, but rather a way to improve your life by eating better food. The head chef at Macro Foo is a 2* Michelin-trained chef, so you can expect nutritious, high-quality, and flavorful meals every day.

THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Satay, Cauliflower & Broccoli (VE)

Healthy vegan meal from Macro Foods

Looking for a tasty vegan meal? Try the vegan chicken in a peanut and ginger satay sauce, with spiced cauliflower rice and tahini tenderstem broccoli.

Shoop Soup

Shoop Soup‘s founders opened a restaurant to show their appreciation and love for homemade meals. From hot fresh soups to delectable falafels, their Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine is full of flavour and prepared by a dedicated staff that always brings their best.

Black Bean & Jalapeno (V)

Healthy soup meal from Shoop Soup

Warm yourself up this Autumn with a tasty and nutritious black bean soup with a spicy kick to it.


Latteria is a cafe, restaurant, and bar inspired by Milan’s pasticceria, panino shops, and pizzerias. From the cakes, pizza and fresh pasta, everything is made in house with ingredients sourced from Italy. Customers can enjoy the best Italian cuisine at Latteria, thanks to the high-quality ingredients and mouthwatering food.

Tagliatelle Ragu

Heathy pasta meal from Latteria

If you’re in the mood for pasta, try taglietelle pasta with traditional beef ragu sauce. There’s no way this traditional dish will disappoint.


Inspired by Japanese street food, Rainbo began as a husband and wife food truck stand and has since grown into a really successful company. They specialise in bringing the best of Japan to London, such as scrumptious gyoza, katsu, boa and many others.

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice Box

Heathy katsu curry meal from Rainbo

Nothing beats a classic crispy fried chicken breast served with katsu curry sauce and sticky rice.


K10 serves delicious, homemade modern Japanese food, as they want to offer a contemporary twist to the traditional dishes. They have been making mouth-watering food in London since 2000 and have garnered the reputation of being a great kaiten restaurant. With a menu that has everything from fresh sushi, sashimi and salads to hot dishes like katsu curry and teriyaki, K10 never disappoint by always using the best ingredients. 

Sushi and Sashimi Set

Healthy sushi meal from K10

Want a fresh meal, then try the sushi & sashimi set. A selection of the freshest sashimi and finest sushi.

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