5 London Breakfast Delights You Need to Try

5 London Breakfast Delights You Need to Try

What do your old school teacher, your doctor and your Grandma all have in common? They will all tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Although no one really knows whether this worn out cliché is true or not, what we do know here at Feedr is that a hungry belly means a preoccupied mind.

After all, what’s worse than sitting down at that important Q4 meeting and not being able to focus on anything apart from your rumbling belly. Or worse, watching the pie charts on your screen turning into actual pies.

To help fuel your mornings, we have compiled a list of London’s best breakfasts. All of these scrumptious morning options are available for hassle-free, office delivery through Feedr.

Yolk’s Fancy Bacon Breakfast Bap

“A foodie paradise”, “serious sandwiches”, “winningly foodie”… here are just a few ways Yolk has been described by London’s press. Working with the capital’s best suppliers, the team at Yolk offers an indulgent menu which doesn’t do half measures. Trust us when we say that their Fancy Bacon Bap will be the best thing you’ve tasted in a long, long time.

Yolk's fancy breakfast Bacon Bap

Whilst the humble bacon sarnie has gone a tad out of fashion, Yolk have given it a makeover. In fact they’ve added smashed avo, melted nduja and a fried egg, which elevate this humble staple to the top tier of London breakfasts.

Browse Yolk’s glorious menu here

Spier’s’ Vegetable Frittata

In 2016 Ben Spier made headline news by serving delicious food from a phone box. Rest assured, if you can serve good food from a phone box, you can serve incredible food from a professional kitchen. This is exactly what this culinary Doctor Who is doing in 2021, with various sites across London. Emphasising fresh ingredients and dishes packed with nutritious goodness, Spier’s sure know how to serve up a good breakfast.

The wonderful Ben Spier's serving fresh salads from a phonebox

We love their morning vegetable Frittata, which is a mix of seasonal Mediterranean vegetables and golden egg. The perfect on-the-go option, Spier’s frittatas are served cold to allow their wonderful flavours to fully develop. There’s also a scrumptious pancetta and caramelised onion option for the meat-eaters out there. 

Spier’s delightful breakfasts are available through Feedr.

Tupi’s Chorizo Hash

Tupi’s brings together the flavours of Europe and South America to offer their own special take on breakfast. Perhaps look elsewhere if you’re after a modest pastry or underwhelming breakfast roll, Tupi’s serve up morning meals that will knock your socks off.

Just wow. Tupi's Chorizo Hash

Try and think of a better way to start your day than with a chorizo, red onion, potato and egg hash, all topped with silky hollandaise sauce. We certainly can’t.

Go ahead and order Tupi’s decadent Chorizo Hash here.

Açai Girls’ Turmeric, Coconut and Date Overnight Oats

Sisters Megan and Georgia founded Açai Girls with travel in mind. Believing that food is the universal language, they celebrate global food in a manner which is authentic, fresh and sustainable. Healthy living is central to what they do, and anyone looking to start their day feeling a million dollars should look no further than their gorgeous overnight oats.

Some lovely breakfast bowls courtesy of Açai Girls

Our favourite at Feedr is their vegan turmeric, coconut and date pot, which brings together flavours from around the world to fuel your body and mind throughout the day. As well as being rich in fibre and nutrition, the turmeric in this delight will keep you glowing this winter.

Grab one of Açai Girls’ nutritious overnight oat pots through feedr.

Latteria’s Breakfast Huovo alla Reale

Drawing inspiration from Italian pasticceria, panineria shops and pizzarias, Latteria is renowned in London for bringing a taste of Milan to Islington’s Essex Road. Although the busy folk at Latteria serve food for every occasion, we think their breakfasts are particularly special.  

Latteria's quaint Isington store

With a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options, there is something for everyone at Latteria. For those of you who want to start their day with a taste of luxury, we recommend their Uovo alla Reale. (Poached eggs with smoked salmon).  

Start your day right and order one of these Feedr favourites through our simple, convenient office delivery platform here.

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