5 Reasons Why Feedr is a Responsible Business

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When you’re about 4.543 billion years old, it must be pretty hard to remember your birthday. Earth Day, held annually on April 22nd, is an official day of commemoration to our beautiful home; the closest thing you could get to Mother Nature’s birthday and is an international time of recognition and reflection on our beautiful planet and responsibilities toward it. 

Earth Day has often been celebrated with large-scale festivities, from it’s origin in 1970 when 20 million people attended thousands of Earth Day events across the US. However, at Feedr we want to equally celebrate the small everyday choices that can have just as much impact. This is an opportunity to evaluate the sustainability of our lifestyles, and to make little changes to reduce our environmental impact.

In honour of Earth Day, we have been reflecting on what it means to be a responsible business in the 21st century. We wanted to share some of the core values that make our company tick, and the social and environmental responsibilities we’ve taken on because of these values.

5 reasons why Feedr is a responsible business:

1. Eco-friendly packaging

Palm Greens salads in compostable bowls

Palm Greens

All of our vendors have committed to the use of eco-friendly packaging with a minimum of 90% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable materials, making sorting out the recycling bins a much easier process. We’ve also committed to cutting down on extraneous packaging such as disposable cutlery, finally giving the office silverware a chance to get out of the cupboard.

97% of our clients do not request disposable cutlery or napkins.

2. Bundled carbon-neutral deliveries

Our delivery model is designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. By bundling 100% of our orders in carbon-neutral deliveries, we help lower emissions, get vehicles off the road and make your lunch even greener. The bonus to you is that you can order from more than one vendor, safe in the knowledge that your meals will arrive together!

3. We reduce food waste

landfill pile of food waste and various garbage

We share best practices in food waste reduction with all of our vendors, some of whom are already affiliated with food waste-reduction platforms like OLIO and Too Good To Go. This maximises the amount of food that is used for its primary purpose, and thus is a little easier on the planet.

4. We support independent food producers who source sustainably

All of our vendors source their products sustainably, whether that’s sustainable meat and fish, using seasonal, local produce, or going 100% organic. We work only with vendors who are as passionate about minimising their impact on the environment as we are. The result? Better tasting, higher-quality food that you can feel good about enjoying!

5. We donate a meal for a meal

Three children wearing school uniform, facing upwards and smiling as they eat curry and rice

For every meal ordered on Feedr, we double its impact by donating an additional meal to a child in India or the UK in need. With the help of our partner and non-profit, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, we continue to have a positive impact on vulnerable children across the globe. This is a partnership we pride ourselves on, reaching food insecure regions both globally and at home and supporting children’s growth and development through nutritious, healthy meals.

Editors Note: republished on 14/04/22 to reflect our updated social responsibilities and impact.

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