5 ways to attract employees back to the office with food

5 ways to attract employees back to the office with food

While working from home has its benefits and many tasks can indeed be performed remotely, we cannot underestimate the buzz of a workplace. It’s not just the watercooler moments, which form the backbone of strong working relationships, it’s also the sense of community and moving together towards a common goal, which forges a strong bond when teams work side by side. Collaboration is essential to drive innovation and many businesses are now looking for ways to encourage employees to come back to the office.

With there being so many ways to do that, we thought we’d narrow our focus to food and stick to some of the ways you can use Feedr to get your team excited about the office.

1. Provide weekly breakfasts

Start the week with a bang by ordering a special breakfast delivery of fresh pastries and fruit from a local bakery. Perfect for teams to tuck into during the weekly briefing, after a long commute, or simply enjoyed together in a communal space. 

2. Bring back the team lunch 

Order a team lunch with Feedr and attract your team back to the office

If a weekly breakfast isn’t for you. Bring back the team lunch and get your team together again over freshly prepared sandwich platters, salads, or indulgent finger foods. Whatever your headcount, budget, or dietary needs we’ve got you covered with hundreds of options from hand-picked vendors.

3. Keep your pantry filled

Access to healthy snacks and drinks fuels productivity and employee wellness. So be sure to keep your office pantry stocked as a treat for your teams when they’re in the office. But don’t worry about going shopping for this yourself. With Feedr Pantry-fill, you can have everything you need from coffee, fruit and healthy snacks, to soft drinks and juices delivered to your office on a schedule that suits you. Get in touch to learn more.

4. Offer subsidised daily lunches

back to the office food with Feedr

Deliver in personalised daily lunches to boost your team’s mood, productivity and encourage team building through shared food experiences. Gone are the days of using time-consuming processes to organise office catering. Cloud Canteen is a flexible food perk that lets your employees order their own meals from a rotating menu, whilst you manage everything in one place.

5. Organise food pop-ups and in-office experiences

After months of isolating, people are craving social activities and what better way to activate the office space than host an event? It doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming either as there is a plethora of experts creating unforgettable pop-ups, masterclasses and expert talks. Feedr’s tried and tested community of vendors can no doubt get your team talking and connecting in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Learn more about how Feedr can strengthen your culture and attract employees back to the office with delicious food.