6 Indulgent Lunches to Fill You Up This Autumn

6 Indulgent Lunches to Fill You Up This Autumn

Chilly London autumns call for a special sort of hungry. You need warm, rich, and nourishing food to fill you up when the cold sets in! Autumn is the season of treating yourself – so reward yourself in the midst of a hard day’s work with a hearty lunch! Here at Feedr we aim to satisfy all your cravings, especially the indulgent kind. So if you are looking for tried and tested vendors for filling meals to warm you up, Feedr can deliver them fresh and hot in time for your break.


Firebird brings deliciously hot Nashville fried chicken to London with their perfected extra-crispy recipe. So if you are looking to spice up your fried chicken lunch we suggest trying their Ragin’ Cajun Sandwich – fresh buttermilk fried chicken tossed in Firebird’s Ragin’ Cajun dusting, with coleslaw, red and yellow peppers, sriracha mayo, coriander, and pickled jalapenos in a toasted brioche bun – served hot and flavorful, just how we like it!

A feast of Firebird chicken, including burgers, wings, slaw, and fries.

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Halo Burger

Founded in the USA, Halo Burger recreates the classic American cheeseburger using 100% plant-based ingredients. Completely vegan, Halo Burger also values sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in making their food. One of their most indulgent meals is their Smoky Carolina BBQ burger. This burger has everything you could possibly want: a quarter-pound Beyond Burger patty (no meat), smoky melted cheese, crunchy onion strips, topped with mayonnaise, their fiery Carolina BBQ sauce, and a touch of hot sauce. With a side of steaming fries, this burger is the perfect way to treat yourself after a busy morning.

Close up of Halo Burger's Smoky Carolina BBQ burger.

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Internationally accredited Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre perfected Korean Fried Chicken and made it accessible to all on Out-Fry. Using all ethically-sourced and high-quality ingredients, Out-Fry creates bold and flavourful Korean dishes that are sure to fill you with joy. Our favourite is their punchy Yangnyeom Spicy Chicken Bu-Ket. This dish has seven pieces of fresh, crispy Korean-fried chicken tossed in a yangnyeom sauce, which is sweet and sour with a spicy kick. If you are looking for some delicious fried chicken as a midday treat, look no further than Out-Fry!

A bucket of Out-Fry's Yangnyeom Spicy Chicken.

See their menu here.

Daddy Donkey

A longtime Feedr favourite, Daddy Donkey specialises in kick-ass contemporary Mexican cuisine. What started off as a food truck in Leather Lane market blossomed into a city-wide culinary experience that brings the streets of Mexico to you. Our Feedr Fave is their heaping Daddy D Burrito: jam-packed with the meat of your choice, smoky chipotle salsa, black beans, fresh guacamole, coriander-lime rice, sour cream, lettuce and wrapped in a hot tortilla – this dish is the definition of indulgence!

A Daddy D Burrito with a side of nachos with salsa and a bottle of beer.

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Twisted London

This dynamic vendor brings you back to the basics. Twisted London creates burgers with a slight twist (of course), perfect to satisfy your needs when you are looking for a new classic. Our Feedr Fave is their Hot Swayzee Burger: this is a gorgeous buttermilk fried chicken burger, with slaw, blue cheese sauce, and fiery ghost chili buffalo sauce in a fresh brioche bun. Truly heart-stopping.

Close up of Twisted London's Hot Swayzee Burger.

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Nothing says indulgence like rich, cheesy pizza. That is where Basilico comes in. This traditional Italian pizzeria has mouth-watering pizzas that suit all appetites. Using ingredients straight from Italy, this restaurant delivers freshly-made pizzas straight to your office. Our Feedr Fave is their classic Bufala Basilico. This pizza has fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes, and oregano on top. They also offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options!

Basilico's colordul Bufala Basilico pizza.

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Feeling hungry on your break and not sure what to eat? Let us help! Feedr can bring you whatever you are craving with just a few clicks – get fresh food delivered right to your office. 

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