Best soups in London for winter

It’s finally winter, you’re feeling down, a bit under the weather, and struggling to find motivation. Thankfully, a hot bowl of soup can make all the difference. 

To make it easier, we’ve found the best soups in London to help you through those damp, dreary days and dark nights. 

Hop Vietnamese

Nothing can warm you up like a bowl of pho! 

Pho soup

Hop Vietnamese serves all the classic Vietnamese street food dishes like Pho, Banh Mi as well as theirsignature Hot Rice Boxes. 

When It comes to soups, they offer a lot of choice, including Beef Brisket Pho, Prawn Dumpling Pho or Beef Meatball Pho. They also have vegetarian and vegan options like their Veg Dumpling Pho or Vegan Shredded Shrooms Pho. 

Nusa Kitchen

On Nusa Kitchen’s menu are a range ofsoups that are changed weekly, making sure there’s always something new to try. You’llalways find different pork, fish, chicken, beef and vegetarian soup options. 

a selection of different soups

If you like to keep things interesting and like trying newthings, Nusa is the best option for you!

City Brunch

City Brunch offers not only a selection of pastries, sandwiches, and salads but also many different soups. 

On their menu you can find Chicken & Bean Soup, Spiced Sweetcorn & Coconut Chowder or Woodland Mushroom Soup. The perfect fit to warm you up during these colder days.

chicken soup

Most of the soup options are vegan and some are also gluten free, which makes it a perfect choice for a bigger order keeping in mind all the dietary requirements. 

Shoryu Ramen

If your favourite soup is ramen, look no further! Shoryu Ramen offers one of the best ones in town! They specialise in Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen and offer plenty of options!

Some of their most popular dishes are the Origin Tonkotsu with three classic toppings: bbq pork belly, mushrooms and spring onion or Kimchi Seafood Tonkotsu with seafood toppings in a kimchi broth.

ramen soup

Whether you struggle to get by during the short days while waiting for Christmas, you’re feeling poorly, or simply need a comforting winter meal, don’t wait any longer and head to our website to order some of the best soups in London for your team!