Breakfast Ideas to make Morning’s in the Office Exciting

Breakfast Ideas to make Morning’s in the Office Exciting

With most companies now firmly in the hybrid working groove, it’s no surprise that Friday mornings in the office are a bit of a ghost town. People may not want to be in the office, but the fact remains that occasionally a 9am Friday meeting is unavoidable, even if the whole team has been out for Thirsty Thursdays. One way to soften the blow is to get the meeting catered to serve up an exciting and flavourful breakfast spread, because no one’s going to set their alarm for day-old croissants. Here are our top tips on creating an office breakfast that’ll have everybody refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to get to work.

Diversity is Key

People are very specific with their preferred breakfasts, which is why most of us eat the same thing every day. While everyone may agree on toast in the morning, the team may still be deeply divided on the question of what should be spread on it. Choosing something that meets people’s specific needs and preferences and leaves them feeling satiated isn’t easy.

Our top tip is to bring in something that shares a common theme but is easily customizable, and for this check out Acai Girls. They offer a variety of comforting and hearty breakfast staples including pancakes, porridge and toast, all available with different toppings and the ability to customise your order by adding extras from crushed Oreos to goji berries. 

Consider the Nutrients

Thirsty Thursdays may be a great opportunity for team bonding and comradery, but unfortunately for us all it does have an impact on the next day. Offset this by ordering in a breakfast that is chock full of all the nutrients you need in order to effortlessly recover from that final round. Everyone has their own tried and tested hangover cures, but here are the breakfast options we would reach for to get the best out of the day.

  • Eggs

When you think of breakfast, you think of one thing: eggs. A breakfast staple for a reason, not only are they protein packed, high in nutrients D and B1 which are depleted while drinking, but even contain the amino acid cysteine which helps break down one of the toxins that causes hangover symptoms. For a great tasting breakfast with all these additional benefits, order from Yolk for their poached egg pot, available with a variety of delicious and nutritious toppings including smoked salmon and smashed avocado.

Breakfast from Yolk featuring Poached Eggs Pots
  • Bananas 

For those with more of a sweet tooth, bananas are a great hangover cure. Bananas are a source of much-needed minerals and vitamins, replenishing the bodies potassium store and giving you a nice boost of fructose energy. If morning normally find you on the train with a banana stuffed in your bag, take the early meeting as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy them chopped up in your porridge, served alongside peanut butter and cocoa nibs thanks to Acai Girls. Not only will you be feeling better but the slow release of carbohydrates will ensure you’re able to keep up productivity all day. 

See the full menu here

Banana, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Breakfast Porridge from Acai Girl's

Pre-book Delivery

Booking in a Friday morning breakfast has a secret extra benefit – by establishing a fixed time window for breakfast it makes the allure of those extra 15 minutes in bed slightly less enticing, and making it more likely the team will arrive in a timely fashion. Not only will this give everybody an opportunity to engage with each other to get the day started on the right note, it’ll also sync up their schedule and ensure a productive day for the whole team. Feedr’s pre-booking service means that you can rest assured knowing that breakfast could be served as early as 7:30, and safeguard yourself against keeping hangry and hungover colleagues waiting.

Breakfast Office Catering & Delivery 

All of these breakfasts, and many more, are available to be delivered fresh to your office through Feedr, to keep the office satisfied no matter what the week brings.