BuJo retain 3-star rating from ‘Food Made Good’

BuJo retain 3-star rating from ‘Food Made Good’

It is with great pleasure to introduce and celebrate one of our very own Dublin-based vendors, BuJo, who has made sustainability central to the development of their restaurant. This year, BuJo was pleased to announce that they retained their 3-star rating from the world’s largest food service sustainability initiative called “Food Made Good”.

Sustainability is a key topic in most industries, especially hospitality. The concept of being sustainable is not new but it has become increasingly important for businesses to consider their environmental impact and how they can reduce it. Customers are increasingly looking for organisations that will take a lead on sustainability and go beyond what is required by law or regulation.

Some of the main actions of BuJo that saw them retain this star-rating are; providing high-welfare grass-fed beef and free-range chicken from Irish family farms, promoting community organisations, managing waste in a circular manner, and using sustainable energy sources. 

The BuJo Restaurant

Since its founding, BuJo has earned a number of recognitions for their sustainability practices. The business has previously received an award from “Food Waste Management” for developing a sustainable menu with no needless packaging waste. BuJo purchases its beef and poultry from Irish family farms that have earned the Bord Bia “Quality Assured” and “Origin Green” certifications. All of its packaging is completely compostable.

BuJo has continued to set the standard for sustainability in the hospitality industry by switching from natural gas to renewable gas to chargrill their grass-fed beef burgers. Renewable gas can lower emissions in manufacturing, transportation, heating, cooking, and electricity generation in addition to assisting in the decarbonization of agriculture. It will have a significant impact on Ireland’s and the EU’s determination to transition to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy. Recently, the government suggests that some of the money obtained from the carbon tax will be used to promote domestic biomethane production.

A burger being prepared

Sustainability is a defining characteristic of the BuJo brand, by making environmentalism an integral part of corporate culture, BuJo has taken steps towards achieving sustainability in all areas of operations. The company is  doing everything it can to be environmentally friendly and is certainly setting an example for the rest of the hospitality industry to follow. 

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