Vegetarian Week (4/4): 8 Places To Get Great Veggie Food This Weekend

8 Places To Get Great Veggie Food This Weekend Whether you’re a die-hard vegetarian, a meat-free Monday-er, or a full-on carnivore, everyone can always benefit from eating a few more veggies. But what if eating your veggies isn’t your main priority? We chatted with More Than Carrots about their picks of the top places to […]

We’re not ready for insect foods, charcoal or designer meal replacements, says London’s artisan food community in a survey conducted by Feedr

Charcoal ice creams, insect-packed breads and puffed brussel sprout crisps, it seems Londoners aren’t ready to fully-embrace these weird and wonderful food trends.  So what should we expect for 2018 from the city’s most innovative and quality focused vendors? The trends that are here to stay In a poll of Feedr’s community of London’s artisan […]

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