Celebrate Veganuary With These Top Plant-Based Restaurants

An array of colorful vegan foods.

A common misconception is that vegan meals are deprived of all the flavor and zing that meat and dairy bring to dishes, we are here to prove it false once and for all! Vegan meals can be diverse, spicy, tangy, crispy, fatty, and truly delicious, and what better time than Veganuary to highlight all the wonders that vegan food can bring to your taste buds. This week we are doing a very special Veganuary spotlight on some of our plant-based vendors – take a look at our favorite dishes that can get your office into the Veganuary spirit!

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Clean Kitchen

Clean Kitchen is all about looking inwards and putting forth the best version of yourself. Looking to improve his diet and his life, founder of Clean Kitchen Mikey Pearce decided to take inspiration from his mother’s vegan bacon sandwich and share it with the masses, and thus Clean Kitchen was born. Their food works towards nutrition, sustainability, and keeping green.

Clean Kitchen's vegan Meatless Meatball Baguette
Clean Kitchen’s Meatless Meatball Baguette

Our favorite CK meal is their indulgent Meatless Meatball Baguette, with Clean tapenade, crispy onions, and olive salsa. 

Halo Burger

Halo Burger was the UK’s first 100% plant-based burger joint! Their burgers and fries are just as filling, full-flavored, and decadent as the classic. Taking inspiration from the authentic American burger, Halo takes junk food to another level.

The heavenly Halo Burger vegan cheeseburger
The Halo cheeseburger

The Feedr fave is Halo’s heavenly Cheeseburger – a slice of tomato, crisp lettuce, pickles, diced onion, American cheese, and a tangy special sauce on their seasoned Beyond Beef patty. Never doubt a classic. Bonus points if you pair it with a rich and creamy milkshake.

Palm Greens

Organic. Feel-good. Flavor-packed. These words encapsulate Palm Greens, a gourmet vegan eatery that can bring all kinds of tasty plant-based meals to your office. Their focus is on health, quality, and bringing forth unforgettable flavors!

One of our favorite Palm Greens meals is their Miso Mushroom Salad. It brings together Japanese and British ingredients by combining miso with portobello mushrooms, with lentils and roasted hazelnut. 

Palm Greens' vegan Miso Mushroom Salad
Palm Greens’ Miso Mushroom Salad

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The future of food is WTF, a plant-based burger joint that serves all types of fast food. They pride themselves in being nutrition-focused, forward thinking, and scrumptious!

WTF vegan Golden Nuggets
WTF Golden Nuggets

Our favorite dish from WTF are their crispy Golden Nuggets, Crispy Chick’n nuggets served with spring onion, red chilli, and coriander that are out of this world when eaten with a side of their crunchy cajun-salted Sweet Potato Fries. 

Holy Cow

Based in Canary Wharf and inspired by the tangy, spicy, and diverse flavors of Indian street food, Holy Cow specializes in delectable vegan dishes straight from the streets of Bombay. 

Vegan THIS! Isn't Chicken Tikka from Holy Cow
THIS! Isn’t Chicken Tikka from Holy Cow

One of our Feedr faves from their menu is their THIS! Isn’t Chicken Tikka with a side of basmati rice. 

Five Buns

Ever thought your burger needed a little pizzazz, a pop of color? Look no further than Five Buns, whose vibrant and unforgettable burgers are more than aesthetically pleasing. Ranging from charcoal black to sky blue and fiery red – five buns makes plant-based meals all the more exciting. 

Five Buns' vibrant vegan Tropicana Burger
Five Buns’ vibrant Tropicana Burger

We here at Feedr do love to go green – but it is more than that that draws us towards the lime green Tropicana Burger. Within the green bun is vegan feta, a slice of fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, red onion, and vegan harissa mayo all on a spinach and chickpea patty – yum!


Internationally inspired vegan dishes are aplenty at Mildred’s, an organic eatery that has blessed London with their bold flavors for decades. 

We could not get enough of one of their Veganuary specials, the Katsu Hot Dog. A panko-crumbed vegan hot dog in a brioche roll, topped with pickled daikon and a tangy Katsu curry sauce – who could ask for more?

The vegan Katsu Hot Dog from Mildred's with a side of Katsu curry sauce
The Katsu Hot Dog from Mildred’s with a side of Katsu curry sauce

Get a real fresh start for this year by making your office green in Veganuary! Eat sustainably by going vegan. If you trial Cloud Canteen with Feedr you can get a free vegan meal for your team, along with access to tons of healthy, plant-based catering options.