Conscious Consumerism: Elysia Catering

Conscious Consumerism: Elysia Catering

We are thrilled to be introducing Elysia Catering through our current blog series, charting The Rise of Conscious Consumerism. This week’s spotlighted Feedr vendor employs a highly impressive concept, tackling London’s food waste concerns with innovation and finesse.

Established by French entrepreneur, Sophie in 2016, Elysia provides practical solutions to surplus within the food processing industry, rescuing artisan food that would otherwise go to waste and transforming it into delicious, catered breakfasts and aperitifs. Produce is handpicked from a quality selection of ethical producers, including Rubies in the Rubble, Lucocoa Chocolate and Husk & Honey, and is, importantly, purchased at a fair price.


Values spread not only to the quality of products, but also to those behind the scenes. Inspired by the Ohio-based enterprise, Hot Chicken Takeover, the company reinvests profits into training programmes for employees who have struggled to find work elsewhere. As a certified member of Social Enterprise UK, Elysia’s training programmes allow employees to discover and develop the skills that they need to flourish in future endeavours. It’s a highly supportive system in which team members are paid fairly and, after two years with the company, are assisted in either finding a new job or becoming self-employed through their franchise model.

Here at Feedr, we’re always on the look-out for vendors working with innovation in the food industry. So of course, we were drawn to Elysia Catering, and their impressively unique vision, which we support wholeheartedly. It’s reassuring to know that, through our work with them, we’re supporting social and environmental responsibility and doing our bit to protect the planet.

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