Conscious Consumerism: Karma Cans

Three warming lentil curries topped with chilli and spring onion.

‘The best ideas happen at lunch!’ This is the gospel according to sisters, Eccie and Gini Newton, who have developed a lifelong hobby into the successful East-London business, Karma Cans: this week’s vendor in our conscious consumerism spotlight series.

The pair were raised in an environment that encouraged a healthy relationship with food, which included eating together as a family on a regular basis. From these foundations, emerged a business based around community eating culture. Through experience, the Newton sisters have ascertained the positive impact that inclusive eating has upon the workplace; stepping away from our desks for healthy team lunches is a fantastic way to nurture working relationships and spark fresh ideas. It seems obvious really, but so few of us actually put this into practice.

Operating with integrity is echoed in each and every stage of production and trade. Faddy diet food never enters the equation. Instead, Karma Cans offer balanced, energy-boosting food that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Selection of 3 tasty salad pots.
Lunch pots from Karma Cans

Wherever possible, food is locally sourced. Meat comes from traditional butcher, McKanna Meats and fish from, Leleu & Morris, while all fruit and vegetables are organic and purchased from New Spitalfields Market. The chefs also make use of fresh herbs, grown just outside their East London kitchen. And it’d be a tough feat to get more local that that!

All red meat was recently cut from the Karma Cans menu, eliminating their contribution to environmental issues associated with this sector of the farming industry. Likewise, their special vegetarian option on Friday encourages people to go vegetarian for one day per week, thus having a positive impact upon the environment.

Karma Cans avoid plastic altogether, taking an impressive, innovative approach to disposable packaging. All containers are made with cellulose (plant cells), sourced from sustainably grown eucalyptus plantations in Australia.

We admire Karma Cans’ ethos and love their delicious food in equal measure. We’re sure you will too. Place an order on our website today.

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