Conscious Consumerism: The Mae Deli

Conscious Consumerism: The Mae Deli

The Mae Deli has become something of a household name in recent months. Headed up by husband and wife duo Matthew and Ella, of Deliciously Ella, the ever-popular Feedr vendor was founded on the principal of producing naturally tasty food in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Operating with integrity is a top priority, and the company ensure that each and every area of the business remains completely transparent.

Founders, Matthew and Ella believe that their team members are all part of the extended family and should be treated thus. Employees are paid the London Living Wage, while equal opportunity and cultural diversity are championed, with team members hailing from a total of eight countries.

3 vegetarian salad sharing platters.
Selection of Salads from the Mae Deli

Deliciously Ella lives up to her namesake, whipping up only the tastiest recipes to include on The Mae Deli menu. Simplicity is key in her formula and ingredients used are the types of things that you’d probably find in your kitchen cupboard. All food is unprocessed and free from additives, preservatives and stabilisers.

Respecting the environment is a top priority for the company; all containers used to package food from the deli are recyclable or compostable. The team encourage customers to bear this in mind when discarding empty boxes, thus keeping their landfill contribution to the absolute minimum.

The Mae Deli’s commitment to total transparency includes sharing recipes for all items on offer at the deli, allowing customers to see exactly what goes into their food. And it’d be a tough feat to be more transparent than that!

Keep your eyes peeled for the final instalment in this series, introducing Elysia Catering.

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