Dayan and Webb – delicious and purposeful food that’s constantly evolving to make you feel valued

We sat down with Amy and Faye, the twosome behind Dayan and Webb, to hear about how their journey begun after they both took the bold jump to leave behind their corporate jobs to combine their love of cooking with their entrepreneurial drive.

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Seated next to each other on the first day of Le Cordon Bleu training course, a beautifully tangible friendship blossomed, and endured. After finishing the course they continued to work together catering for Supper Club events. Their experiences helped to shape their ethos and cuisine. They refused to follow any particular diet trend and stayed faithful to the foods that they ate at home and decided to follow their own mantra – ‘life in moderation’. Like many of us, their experience of working in offices made them understand the struggle of getting foods they enjoyed eating at home into their corporate lives.

Despite finishing their training program their bid to offer delicious and exciting food makes them keen to continue their learning experience. They work closely visiting their premium suppliers to learn about the products in order to make the most of their flavour and textures. After understanding the nurture of their products, they then infuse the influence of the London food scene and culture into their dishes; picking up flavours and inspirations from across the city.


Our founder met these two at a catering event and loved what she tried. For both parties it wasn’t just about putting food into offices it was about putting good food into offices.




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