Eating Along the New Elizabeth Line: Feedr Edition

Eating Along the New Elizabeth Line: Feedr Edition

The long-awaited first phase of the Elizabeth Line is now open, promising to make a real difference by cutting journey times and improving transport links across the capital. This new line is set to be a real favourite of Londoner’s and commuters alike, and not just because it’s got the prettiest colour scheme. It’ll have a real impact on commuters, slashing journeys such as the one from Farringdon to Canary Wharf down to only 10 minutes, and increasing connections between outer and central London. Since we’re all about improving office culture, and we know that the commute can be a major drain on people’s time and resources, we’re excited to see its impact! 

But we’re also excited for another reason – following the Elizabeth line makes it so much easier to hit up some of our favourite food spots! So this week we’ve given you our own personal food tour of the Elizabeth line featuring some of the newly built stations, perfect for ordering in for a lunchtime treat to celebrate its opening, or more likely to celebrate the extra 15 minutes you’ve been able to spend in bed because of it. 

Paddington – Basilico Pizza

Paddington is one of the busiest stops in London, a major station used by  local, regional and international passengers alike. The brand new Elizabeth Line station reflects the importance of this station with its expansive structure as apparently you could comfortably fit the Shard inside of it, though we’re not sure if they plan to do this horizontally or vertically. 

Paddington is a bustling, busy place, and so if you’re looking for food around the area we recommend getting something filling and easy to eat – like Basilico Pizza. Pizza is the ultimate walking food, whether you’re picking up a portobella and spinaci pizza with carmelised onions, or a hot and spicy diavolo pizza to get some pep in your step. Alternatively, you may want to take your time enjoying their great options, so if speed isn’t key, check out their menu for delivery here

Farringdon – Daddy Donkey

The opening of the Elizabeth line is set to transform Farringdon into one of the busiest in the UK, connecting with Thameslink and the London Underground to provide links with outer London, the home counties, the City, Canary Wharf and three of London’s five airports. 

While it’s a major commuter spot now, the station was built in conjunction with a freight station designed to transport livestock to the meat-markets. In that spirit, our Farringdon pick is Daddy Donkey’s fantastic burritos, which feature amazing beef burritos alongside an array of other delicious options. Perfect for a delicious and hearty meal, there’s a reason why so many of our customers name Daddy Donkey’s as one of their top picks. 

Liverpool Street – Farmer J 

Liverpool Street is one of the most iconic London stations, one of the four stations chosen to be represented on the British version of monopoly in 1935. The long history of Liverpool street meant the Elizabeth line encountered several unanticipated problems during construction, unearthing everything from historical burial sites to Roman artefacts. 

As it’s such an iconic London location, we recommend hitting up Farmer J’s for some classic, seasonal and locally sourced food that really makes the best of British produce. No matter if you’re tucking into a bowl of flank steak served with seasonal slaw and mac and cheese, or a freekah and feta salad, Farmer J’s food is sure to satisfy that craving for classically good food. 

Canary Wharf – Holy Cow and Mama’s Jerk 

Canary Wharf is one of the newer stations in London, opening in 1999 and winning 9 architecture awards in that year alone and even got a cameo as a safe zone in Danny Boyle’s iconic 28 Days Later. The area surrounding the station is a hub of urban living, as well as towering office buildings, and as such is home to many fantastic restaurants. If we’re in the area, or ordering in, we’re definitely going to visit Holy Cow and Mama’s Jerk to end our food tour with something exciting and indulgent. 

Check out Holy Cow for some truly fantastic vegan Indian curries, especially their Goan style curry featuring deep fried seitan, as well as some delicious street snacks such as their vada pau, a spiced mashed potato patty in a gluten free bun with mint and tamarind chutney. 

If you’re in the mood for something super indulgent, head to Mama Jerk’s for classic jerk BBQ chicken, available in many indulgent forms from chicken wings, a traditional rice and peas meal with fried plantain or even loaded fries just in case you’ve still got an empty stomach. Mama Jerk’s is fantastic lunchtime fare, perfect for enjoying summer days even if you’re still in the office. Check out the menu below!

Interested in having any of these options delivered to your office? 

While we love a good food tour, the best part about all these places is that you can get them delivered to your office rather than having to make the trek yourself!

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