Feedr Food Tour: The Best Day of Eating in Dublin

Feedr Food Tour: The Best Day of Eating in Dublin

Although Ireland might not be renowned for its national cuisine, and Dublin is a city better known for its beer than for its bakeries, in recent years the food scene has exploded into something really special. Ireland is home to some of the best produce this side of the channel, from their native oysters that can be enjoyed in their peak at the annual Galway Oyster and Seafood Festival to their delightfully creamy slow-churned butter. There is an abundance of fantastic natural produce in Ireland, so much so that they are ranked the most food secure nation in the world, and so a newer generation of chefs looking to utilize this fruitfulness means that the food scene in Ireland is better than it’s ever been. 

Just because you’re working, doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on all that Dublin has to offer – so we’ve produced our own personal Feedr Food Tour so that you can enjoy a full day (and a half) of eating, all from the comfort of your office. 


Although Irish restaurateurs and chefs no longer feel the need to leave the country to get experience, the history of mobility means that Dublin is still a place of global culinary exchange, allowing the best cuisines of the world to be confined to a city small enough to be walked in a single day. Chimac takes their inspiration from Korea, where the experience of enjoying fried chicken alongside a cold pint of beer is so revered there’s a word for it – chimaek. 

The team behind this Irish restaurant felt that this was an experience worth bringing home, and so they set out to produce high quality fried chicken that would feel just as at home in Dublin as it did in Seoul. With 100% Irish free-range chicken that is brined for 18 hours, and double-fried to order, served up in soft burger buns dripping with their homemade sauces and pickles, and alongside freshly made chips, this is the sort of food that is so good it transcends global borders. If you’re trying to fit this into a day of eating, we recommend saving this as a post-work snack, best enjoyed at the end of a busy day alongside a glass of ice-cold beer. 


This cafe and patisserie produce healthy yet indulgent food that is a true feast for the eyes, stomachs and taste buds. Eathos boasts an impressive freshly made and seasonally rotating menu that combines the excitement and flavours of global cuisine, with especial homage to the Middle East, with high quality artisan Irish produce to create food that takes center stage. 

They utilize fantastic Irish ingredients throughout their menu, from breakfast to dinner, starting with their chorizo and scrambled egg croissant. This dish uses chorizo sourced from Gubbeen, who smoke their own spanish-style chorizo made from pigs reared in a traditional outdoor manner on their farm, or in the Cork area as part of their ‘piggy co-op’. 

If you’re still feeling peckish, Eathos also have a great selection of pastries, all made in house by their dedicated pastry chef. Check out the white chocolate, sea salt caramel and hazelnut wagon wheel for a double hit of nostalgia and sophistication. 

Shaka Poke 

After trying poke bowls for the first time on a trip to California, the team behind Shaka Poke were inspired by its health-giving benefits, quality and taste to bring some of that surfer culture back to Dublin. They started out at weekly food markets and festivals and made quite a splash, being nominated for the Irish Street Food Awards their first summer in business. Within a year they were ready to open a brick and mortar location, proving that summery, tropical food can have a place no matter the weather. 

They have fantastic vegetarian options if you’re looking for something a bit lighter to tide you over, including their beautifully colourful sweet beet bowl, featuring beetroot, wakame, carrots, red cabbage and mango, all topped with avocado pesto. This dish speaks to the ability of Dublin restaurants to elevate their produce. Beets and cabbage may seem like a humble dish, but global inspiration and fresh flavours combine to make this rainbow bowl a real pick-me-up in your busy workday. 


Boasting some of the most authentic Middle-Eastern food in Dublin, you’ll be tempted to order the whole menu at Shouk, so be sure to clear your schedule so that you can give this lunch the time it deserves. There’s something for everyone at Shouk, so you might want to call that meeting 5 minutes early so that the whole team can get stuck in to a feast. 

From smoky grilled chicken thighs, mounds of nutty, rich hummus, aubergine and carrot salad, za’tar spiced lamb skewers with grilled red onion and cherry tomatoes served up with an abundance of dipping sauces from tahini to chimichurri, there’s no danger of anyone going hungry with an order from Shouk. 

If you’re just looking for yourself, there’s no going wrong with one of their amazing pitas, made perfectly fluffy and doughy. Maybe you want a classic with their falafel and crispy chicken schnitzel, or you’re excited by their great veggie options with their cauliflower pita which is roasted whole before being elaborately decorated with zhug, tomato salsa and pomegranate seeds. 

Kale and Coco 

We recommend starting a healthy day with an order from Kale and Coco, a brand inspired by the team’s extensive travel experiences, starting with a summer in Hawaii in 2010 and continuing through Asia, Australia and South America so that they could find the best foods possible. Although they enjoyed their experiences, they were determined to be able to enrich their hometown by coming back to support the local health and wellness movement, utilizing the knowledge they had accrued on diet and its impact on people and planet. Their name even reflects this balance, with Coco referencing the iconically tropical coconut and Kale referring to the superfood which is one of Ireland’s most commonly grown crops.

If you’re looking for a nourishing breakfast, try their golden porridge – a perfect example of their fusion of great Irish produce and exciting global flavours. Made from organic, gluten free Irish oats and coconut milk, seasoned with their specially made blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper and topped with generous helpings of homemade chia berry jam and coconut chips, this is a breakfast you’ll keep craving. They also have an extensive range smoothies, from the lean & green to turmeric tonic, that are perfect for a little midday treat to keep spirits high. 

Interested in trying any of these fantastic meals? They’re all available through our platform in Dublin now!