Feedr has been acquired! What does this mean for our future?

It has been a time of change for the Feedr team over the last couple of months as we adapt to new norms or working like everyone else, and explore how we can best help our vendor and customer communities. But we are also delighted to confirm that back in March, we were acquired by Compass Group, the world’s largest contract foodservice business, to support their digital transformation strategy.

An exit for any young startup is an exciting prospect, but one that facilitates a future of enormous growth and innovation for the business is something we are very proud of as a small team. 


So what does our roadmap look like now we are part of the Compass Group family?


  • Rapid growth

With Compass Group’s support, we have been able to rapidly expand our customer network across London. We look forward to welcoming new customers to our community as businesses slowly make their way back to the office. But watch this space, we will also be launching in other cities across the UK soon! 


  • New services

We all know that workplaces may never be the same, in light of COVID19. We have therefore been working around the clock to launch new services which support businesses with their back to work strategies. We have just launched our Click & Collect service, for companies looking to reopen onsite canteens in a safe and efficient way. This, as well as our Cloud Canteen service, offers businesses a flexible way to manage workplace food needs as we move to a more fluid working dynamic within offices.  

Email us at [email protected] to find out more about how we can support your back to work food strategy.


  • Product updates

We’re continuing to listen closely to feedback from our customer + vendor communities to keep improving our online product. We will be integrating even more content for users who want to better track their food and nutrition goals, whilst making it easier for our admins to manage and administer food services to their teams with new admin features. 


So all in all, it’s full steam ahead for us at Feedr HQ – we are continuing to deliver the best experience possible for our communities and to keep connecting hungry employees with the best, innovative and sustainable eateries around. Because we believe everyone should be able to access great, healthy food daily. But now we have the backing from one of the industry’s leading players, who is aligned with this mission. 

Our CEO and co-founder, Riya, sums this all up perfectly: “We are thrilled to be part of Compass Group and to integrate our ordering, payments and health technology across their portfolio. Operating at new levels of scale will allow us to continue to drive rapid product innovation, and support our marketplace of restaurant partners with new opportunities.”

We want to thank everyone in our communities for your continued support over the past few years. To our advisors, investors, customers and vendor community, we really appreciate how you have championed our brand. We are extremely excited for this next chapter of growth and hope you will join us along for the ride!

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