Tip of the Week: Feedr’s Advice on Workplace Snacking

Tip of the Week: Feedr’s Advice on Workplace Snacking

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Our team love to snack, but we’re well aware that it’s hard to find nutritional snack options that don’t involve unsettling amounts of sugar or salt. So after years of snacking experience, we’ve come to discover the best options out there. Living in London, we are blessed with the abundance of healthy options filling the shelves of almost every supermarket in town, so here are our top choices:

Curb those sugar cravings – sugary snack alternatives

Let’s start with resisting that urge from your sweet tooth and look into alternate options than those chocolate covered biscuits in the office kitchen.

Pollen + Grace Super Squares

The Coconut Caramel + Maca flavour is a team favourite, ‘ A salted caramel fudge studded with crunchy buckwheat and enriched with maca’. Sounds delicious right? These guys are packed with healthy protein and despite what you may think, low in refined sugar.

DIY overnight chocolate chia seed pudding

If you haven’t tried chocolate chia pudding before, trust us when we say it honestly tastes better than it sounds. Think sweet, gooey, creamy, and chocolatey, and it’s so easy to make at home too. Simply prep the night before work and leave overnight in the fridge ready to take the next morning for the perfect mid-morning snack. Try our favourite easy-to-make recipe here.

Dehydrated fruit

Again, we promise it’s tastier than it sounds. With a long expiry date, dehydrated fruit is a great budget-friendly snack to keep in your desk drawer for whenever those cravings occur. Lots of brands are producing different varieties, so check out your local supermarket and try a few different flavours to discover your favourite.   


Control your sodium intake – healthy salty snack ideas


A slightly less adventurous choice, but nuts are a classic snack still worth recommending. High in protein and healthy fats, nuts are a great way to curve those hunger pains throughout the day. Stick to a classic bag of peanuts, or treat yourself to some pistachios – just make sure you have a bowl for the shells, you don’t want those flying around the desk.  

Love Corn

They’re savoury, crunchy and full of fibre, what more could you want from a snack? Love Corn has been making waves in the food industry and flying off shelves in local stores. Try the smoked BBQ flavour, that’s a firm favourite here at Feedr HQ.


Jump on the chickpea hype (you’re only a few years late) and add hummus to your shopping list. If you’re feeling slightly indulgent then treat yourself to some toasted pitta to dip in, or try to reach your five-a-day intake by pairing with some chopped raw veg. It takes nearly no prep and has to be one of the most satisfying snacks to enjoy in the afternoon!


Quench your thirst with some drinkable snacks.

‘Mylk’ shakes

Try making homemade shakes make with milk alternatives – it’s better for the environment than cows milk and has countless health benefits. We recommend oat milk or coconut milk for some added flavour. Simply blend some red berries (fresh or frozen) and honey with a milk of your choice for a tasty, satisfying drinkable snack.

Homemade Frappuccino

Craving that caffeine kick? Create your own version of the popular Starbucks drink. Something this sweet and tasty doesn’t always have to be bad for you, try this simple recipe for size. We swear it’s a lot easier to make than you’d think!


Blending fruit and veg is just another opportunity to get in those vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need. Try out some creative combinations and chuck in some green veg for added goodness – the more the merrier, right? If you often find yourself running out of time in mornings then there are lots of great off-the-shelf choices in local stores, so that’s always a convenient last-minute option.


When it comes to ‘how to snack’, there are no obvious guidelines for this. Our best answer: mindfully. Try to avoid eating when you fancy, but rather when you’re actually hungry. Start to consider what you eat: opt to munch on that Pollen and Grace bar rather than reaching for a chocolate biscuit in the office kitchen. If you find yourself constantly wanting a naughty treat, sometimes a walk or a hot drink can help calm those cravings. Try what works for you and remember, it’s okay to treat yourself on the odd occasion. We’re all for birthday doughnuts and love a good brownie, but we try to balance that with nutrient dense options too – because ultimately a healthy lifestyle is all about balance.

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