CASE STUDY: Transforming Team Breakfast at StateZero Labs

CASE STUDY: Transforming Team Breakfast at StateZero Labs

As the end of the financial year approaches and companies start re-evaluating budgets for the year ahead, ways to keep employees inspired and engaged will no doubt be at the forefront of most minds. The benefits of promoting employee wellbeing were a real talking point in 2018, and companies are starting to take note. Many have started understanding the power of food perks – an easy and cost-effective way to provide a workplace wellbeing initiative for employees – including The Huffington Post, who reported a potential 150% ROI on providing lunch perks!


Here we look at how StateZero Labs approached workplace wellbeing when they launched their founder-first accelerator last year, and how Feedr’s Cloud Canteen formed a key part of their team’s wellness journey.


A modern mindset for a modern business



Founded in 2018, StateZero Labs is a London-based accelerator focused on blockchain for business startups – the only kind in the world. At their core, StateZero is all about bridging the gap between humanity and technology, and wanted to put people at the centre of everything they did from the beginning. “We believe in people’s potential…humans matter, we buy and sell from people, and if there’s anything we can teach our startups it’s to remember that!” says co-founder Tazz Gault. It was this founding belief that would lead their company culture into what it is today – a founder-first mindset that radiates into every part of the business.





Standing out in a crowd: Why StateZero Labs puts wellbeing first


Startups are notorious for their long hours and hard-working employees – when you’re building a business from scratch, you need everyone to be all-in. In a non-stop world, sometimes it can be seen as a fault to stop and take a break, or to put your wellbeing first.


StateZero Labs wanted to flip this mentality on its head, and demonstrate that healthy founders are the most efficient and effective founders. They were looking to build a culture of health and wellbeing in order to drive productivity, a positive work culture, and ultimately, greater performance.




Why Feedr’s Cloud Canteen was the
perfect solution for StateZero Labs

From the beginning, it was clear that nutrition would play a key role in StateZero Labs’ workplace wellbeing initiative. When searching for a company to meet their needs, they were looking for a platform that would encourage employees to eat healthier, and flexible enough to cater to the wide array of dietary requirements and preferences of their ever-growing and changing teams.


They decided to give Feedr’s Cloud Canteen a go, primarily attracted by our values of sustainability, and our holistic approach to wellbeing, spanning beyond simply delivering healthy office food, into other areas such as leading the conversation around workplace wellness and employee wellbeing in London’s workforce.




Cloud Canteen was the perfect solution because it allows individuals to order their own food from a selection of high quality vendors at an affordable price point. “My wide range of food allergies and intolerances meant the prospect of a group catering set-up in the office was a source of anxiety for me. I never thought I would be able to sit with my team and enjoy breakfast, but there are always great options available for me to choose on Feedr’s Cloud Canteen menus, and their amazing customer service team took really good care of me!” – Emma, Marketing Manager at StateZero Labs




Leading by example in a world of followers

StateZero Labs have built a holistic workplace wellbeing initiative that really is a cut above the rest. When it came to implementing their wellness programme, they covered nutrition, fitness, mental and financial wellbeing. Here’s the full scope of the initiative:

  • Nutrition: Monday breakfast from Feedr’s Cloud Canteen to start the week off right
  • Fitness: 1 hour personal training session at lunchtime 3x per week
  • Mental Wellbeing: 4x ‘mental health days’ per year in addition to holiday days, plus yoga 2x per week
  • Financial Wellbeing: £30/month toward a gym membership, as well as a £2000 personal development budget for each employee, which is to be spent on activities that bring them happiness and fulfillment, and don’t have to necessarily be directly related to their job role!



The result? A happy, empowered and motivated workforce driven by founders who are encouraged and given the opportunities to take care of themselves at work. This is just one example of a workplace wellbeing strategy, but it demonstrates how, no matter your company size or budget, you can (and should!) start implementing wellbeing initiatives. Culture in an organisation trickles from the top-down, so if you’re re-evaluating budgets at the end of the financial year and are looking for a cost-effective way to engage employees and retain top talent, or even just looking at how you can improve workplace wellness at your company, consider trying Feedr’s Cloud Canteen.


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