Feedr’s Guide to the Best Work Summer Party

Feedr’s Guide to the Best Work Summer Party

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The arrival of Summer is always an exciting time, with London parks bustling, ice cream vans jingling, and thanks to that added boost of vitamin D, an air of excitement and optimism. After last year’s hot temperatures we’ve all set our expectations particularly high for the season…

But here it is, our great British Summertime. Complete with beautiful 12-degree temperatures and incessant rain.

What better way to get excited about the sunny season than some optimistic office Summer party planning? From funky pop-ups to gourmet picnics or indulgent BBQs, we’ve listed our top vendors for supplying those delicious al-fresco eats to serve to your team during (fingers crossed) a sunny summer party.



Let’s start with the classic team picnic. Grab some tartan blankets, plastic wine glasses and chilled bottles of white wine or fruity Pimms, for a classy British affair in a London park. Our picnic offerings include:

Gails Bakery

Expert artisan bakery Gails has to be the perfect place to source those delectable bakes for the perfect picnic. Nothing says a British picnic like homemade sausage rolls and cheese and pickle buns!

Fork Deli

If you’re looking for something a little greener, Fork Deli offers fresh, seasonal salads ideal for teams looking for a wholesome treat.



Who doesn’t love a good summer BBQ? Serving up freshly grilled meats, vegetables and tasty salads, a team summer BBQ is always a crowd pleaser and never a bad idea. Here’s who can sort out your BBQ needs:

Karma Cans

Karma Cans offer a delicious BBQ, slammed full of grilled vegetable salads, burnished meats, glazed sausages. Treat your team to some fun summer cocktails and knock their socks off with this delicious BBQ pop up this summer.

Club Mexicana

Try a BBQ with a Mexican twist, Club Mexicana offers a funky pop-up perfect for an extra special Summer party. Their menu is 100% vegan, but in their words, ‘if you’re looking for chickpeas and chia seeds then you’re the wrong place’. Meaning, yes, they’re vegan, but trust us, even the meat lovers in your party won’t be disappointed with their fantastic plant-based offerings.

Cafe Route

Slightly different from a classic BBQ, Cafe Route serves a range of their tasty burgers with their Mediterranean inspired pop-up. Plus, we absolutely love their meat-free burgers, so very suitable for the vegans/vegetarians in your party too!

So book in a date and start sharing Summer comms with your team. Inject some seasonal excitement to detract from the depressing weather June seems to be blessing us with, and plan a summer party so everyone has an occasion to look forward to!


Need some additional advice for organising your summer party? Email our team today [email protected] or call us on 0207 856 0482 and we can help with your plans.


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