Feedr’s Vendor Spotlight: Meet Crucial Food


We love welcoming new, like-minded vendors to our Feedr community. This week, we’re introducing Crucial Food – started by Founder and creator – Ruth Wood, a Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about food, health and feeling good! Ruth travelled the world for several years and after working in the travel industry for 13 years she began studying clinical nutrition. Working for  the Priory Group, and the BBC amongst others, before focusing on the creation of nutritious meals + detox programmes for private clients. We are so excited to say Crucial’s delicious meals are available now, exclusively with Feedr.

Why we love Crucial:

Every element of Crucial’s meals has been carefully considered to ensure it is not only nutritious but also delicious.  Their meals are packed with fruit and veg, good grains, good fats and quality protein sources – they don’t add any bad stuff ensuring the taste is phenomenal but also nourishing your body.

Over to Ruth Wood, Founder for our Q & A:

You have such a unique story, can you tell us more about Crucial and how you got started…

I have been practising as a clinical nutritionist for almost 20 years. I specialised in mental health and addictions and was the nutritionist for the priory group for 8 years.
My mission has always been to educate people and prove how healthy eating can be interesting and tasty in its simplicity. I also held clinics within large corporations and helped educate staff on healthy eating in the workplace. Increasingly helping clients and patients to cook at home,  I was given the opportunity to expand this by being offered the space to start crucial café in west London in 2014 and since then, I have grown the business to also include events and deliveries.

We only work with the tastiest and best quality vendors across London – what is it about the food you make that makes you stand out? 

We take simple ingredients but make them into tasty and nutritious dishes… and use our imagination!

We love the balance in your meals, can you talk to us through your approach to this… 

The balance is all about no fads. We want to show the importance of all the food groups and using them to make delicious, nutritious food.

How would you describe Crucial’s food in 5 words? 

Tasty, nutritious, unique, diverse and interesting.

What are some of your go-to ingredients and why? 

Nuts: protein rich, good fats, great texture

Cacao: great plant source of iron, high in calcium + antioxidants

Eggs: great protein, diverse uses, loaded in nutrients – especially b vitamins – great for the brain

Green leafy veg: packed with vitamins and minerals great for digestion, cardio, blood sugar – you name it!

Oats: very nutritious carbohydrate so a great energy source. Can be used right across the menu for porridge, granola bars, in smoothies, topping for savoury crumble and more.

What is your favourite restaurant in London? 

Maggie Jones near Kensington Church Street– old school comfort food
Kiln in Soho – buzzy, spicy and takes me back to backpacking days

What’s the ingredient you always find yourself reaching for when you’re cooking at home? 

Onions at home – with nearly everything!

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?  

Chips and gravy – I’m a girl with roots firmly in the north west!

What is your top tip for eating better when at work? 

Top tip for eating better at work would be to lay off the refined sugar. It causes big energy drops and the brain suffers because of this, making the day a bit of a drag and concentration pretty poor. Trust me – you’ll be more productive!


Want to get Crucial Food at your office? Find out more about our Cloud Canteen service.

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