Feedr’s Vendor Spotlight: Meet Vita Mojo

Feedr’s Vendor Spotlight: Meet Vita Mojo

We always love learning a little more about our vendor community – it’s great to hear more about their story and how they came to be where they are today. Last week we took some time out to meet one of our most unique and innovative vendors – Vita Mojo. Charley, the Marketing Director has been working with founder Nick since day dot, so knows almost everything there is to know about Vita Mojo. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about what it’s like to work for such a fascinating food tech start-up – naturally, the conversation drifted towards the topic of food so we’ve snuck in a few fun foodie questions too!

So without further a’do, let us introduce you to Vita Mojo:

Vita Mojo isn’t just a restaurant, but is also a software company – can you explain how the OS system works and what makes it unique?

A: At its essence, Vita Mojo Os has introduced a way to create fully personalised meals, allowing the customer to control what they order. All meals can be customised according to each consumer’s preferences; this includes taste preferences, portion sizes and macros. This level of customisation in a quick-serve setting is what makes our OS system so unique. We are fully transparent about our food and display all our ingredients, nutritional information and pricing – all of which automatically updates according to how you create your meal.

Can you tell us a little about your co-founder, Nick’s journey to launching Vita Mojo. What were his inspirations behind creating this innovative software?

A: Prior to starting Vita Mojo, Nick worked in finance for many years until he suddenly developed health issues. Rather than just receiving treatment, he sought to understand the underlying issues and root causes of these problems. For him, changing his diet really did change his life. That being said, he was on an extremely restricted diet of no gluten or dairy which meant he struggled to ever eat out. This inspired Vito Mojo OS – a system that allows individuals with certain dietary requirements to customise meals as they see fit.

How do you see Vita Mojo OS continuing to disrupt the restaurant industry in years to come?  

A: The restaurant industry is fairly traditional, and processes are fairly dated. Vita Mojo OS gives diners the ability to personalise their meals and provides restaurants with a range of benefits. This includes dynamic menu structuring as well as access to user data which can be used to aid order processes and gain an insight into customer preferences. I do believe you’ll see more and more restaurants become far more data-driven in the future, and the whole restaurant landscape will become more efficient and better able to serve their customers.

What advice would you give to someone else who is looking to break into the food-tech industry?

A: Make sure the tech element is truly value-add rather than a gimmick.

When you’re looking to partner with new restaurants what are the first things you look for?

A: Their willingness to embrace new technology in their restaurants. If we’re having to try too hard and there’s no belief that our software a good solution, they’re probably not the right partner for now.

We only work with the tastiest and best quality vendors across London – what is it about the food you make that makes you stand out?

A: We have always had a very clean menu. Our food is cooked from scratch every day and our menus are designed to maximise nutrition and taste.

Working in the food-tech industry, you must be a big foodie – so tell us more about you:

If you were to recommend one meal on your menu what would you suggest?

A: Having eaten at Vita Mojo nearly every day for the past 4 years, I get stuck in favourite cycles. Personally, I’m loving the halloumi salad and I’m always a fan of the curry. For our dinners, the most popular combination on the menu is always pretty much chicken thighs, sweet potato mash and broccoli. So if you’re new to the menu, that’s a great place to start.

What’s your favourite restaurant in London?

A: I could never have one favourite. Recent ones I’ve really enjoyed were A wong’s, Kricket and Kiln.

What’s the ingredient you always find yourself reaching for with when you’re cooking at home?

A: I love herbs. Especially fresh ones. So I’ll always find a way to put them on anything.

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?  

A: Cheese and tomato on toast for dinner. The husband is very disapproving of that one but it’s a go-to favourite when I’ve got a night in by myself.  


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