Flexibility and the Evolving Workplace

Flexibility and the Evolving Workplace

The pandemic brought a sea of change for business. As we continue to re-calibrate off the back of the impact COVID-19 has brought for all of us across the globe, many business leaders and office managers are looking at how they can establish a new normal for their employees in the workplace. 

As many businesses draw up plans for safely returning employees to the office now or in the year ahead; forward thinking businesses should use this as an opportunity to think more long term and plan for what their future workplace could look like in the years to come – from workplace policies and company culture to workspaces and the services that come with them.

87% of businesses have used the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate working practices according to a recent Feedr survey. It is clear that the businesses who will emerge from this period successfully and set themselves in good stead for the future will be those who embrace innovation and create a flexible environment with wellbeing and culture at the heart.

Two collegues at a desk working towards building a flexible and evolving workplace.

Having witnessed many employees relish working from home, reporting improved productivity and experiencing a better work-life balance; only a quarter of UK workers will willingly return to the office when they re-open. However, every business and their culture is different, much like the preferences and desires of each and every employee. While many have enjoyed all elements of remote work; others haven’t. Many may have been more productive; for others experienced a decline. Whilst employee wellbeing improved for many; others may have suffered due to social isolation and lack of collaboration.

So how will future workplace thinking cater to everyone whilst still enhancing productivity, enabling positive culture, and attracting the best talent? As there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the answer lies in flexibility.

As businesses adapt and embrace ways of working, workplaces and processes; key employee services such as food + pantry offerings will also need to be reinstated in a new and flexible way to ensure employees can get access to the services that benefit them wherever they are. ¼ of businesses are already thinking about alternative pantry solutions.

An open, bright office with a long desk and multiple chairs.

Businesses who will emerge from this period successfully will be those who embrace innovation. A large proportion of that innovation should be focused on the health and wellbeing of employees. Involve your employees throughout the return to work planning process and gain an insight into what really matters and how you can best accommodate their needs.

One thing is certain, technology will play a crucial role in the future workplace and aiding in the safe return of employees now and in the months to come. Managing fluctuating headcounts, getting access to healthy food, ensuring effective collaboration between remote and on-site workers and more.

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