Food Around The World From A London Office

Food Around The World From A London Office

A time-poor workforce, plus the added pressure and competition that comes with working in a major capital like London, means going on a culinary adventure at lunch is not a high priority for most. Sure, you’ll go for an exceptional Mediterranean grill on the weekend, or get a quality Indian meal delivered as you unwind with Netflix and your cat on a Wednesday night. But at work, we don’t seem to mind settling for run of the mill options because it is the easy and quick thing to do.

What if there was a way to get food from around the world delivered to your office, every day? We’ve rounded up our top picks of some of the best places to get the cuisines of the world. If you ever find yourself asking “What should I have for lunch?”, we’ve got you covered with international lunch ideas for work.


1. Korean BBQ in London

Dosirak is bringing Korean street food to hungry Londoners.

Korean BBQ is hearty and packs a punch of flavours. If you’re after something a little spicy, and very filling, you won’t be disappointed. The truth is, London actually has lots to offer in the way of Korean BBQ. Our favourite is Dosirak (which actually means “packed lunch/dinner box”) is on a mission to bring authentic, simple Korean cuisine to the people of London. Plus, their kitchen is 100% dairy-free!

In Korean food culture, meals are based around rice, and accompanied by smaller servings of meat and veggies in different combinations. This means you can play around with your options a lot, and always find a new flavour/colour/texture combo to delight your taste buds!



2. Best Japanese Restaurants in London

K10 does more than sushi – they serve up katsu curries, hot boxes, and salads like these beauties!

It is hard going to find someone who hates sushi. This Japanese classic has become a familiar and loved part of most Londoners’ culinary repertoire, fuelling the spread of chains like Wasabi and Itsu. However, as with any commodity, mass-franchising usually becomes synonymous with loss in quality. It’s time to make like the coffee shop and rediscover independent Japanese restaurants serving up the quality goods.

First stop is K10 Sushi – a popular haunt for those fortunate enough to work near their Fetter Lane location. The name is a play on the japanese word ‘kaiten’, meaning ‘conveyor belt’, which is a popular method of service in restaurants across Japan and Australasia (think Yo! Sushi). What sets K10 apart is the freshness of their ingredients, and the love with which their traditional Japanese food is made. In operation since 2000, these guys have really honed their craft, going on to be consistently recognised as London’s best kaiten restaurant.

View K10 SUSHI Menu


3. Best Indian Restaurants in London

Award-winner Talli Joe is an Indian concept restaurant centered around ‘half plates and full drinks’.

In a country where the Tikka Masala is the national dish, there is stiff competition around this particular cuisine. Creamy kormas, spicy masalas, warm naan and cool yoghurt… It’s no wonder these flavour combinations have captured the hearts and mouths of Britons across the nation. To stand out as an Indian food vendor, you need to be doing something innovative. It isn’t enough to just make delicious, traditional Indian food anymore.

Enter Talli Joe. This multiple award-winning restaurant brings London’s romance with Indian food to the forefront of the city’s food scene. What’s in a name? Talli means “a happy intoxicated state of being,” and this restaurant delivers just that to its diners, through their ‘half plates and full drinks’, dedicated to celebrating the undiscovered, regional flavours of India. When the Michelin Guide recommend you eat somewhere, you make a reservation (or in our case, order them to your office).



4. A Taste of the Mediterranean

Authentic Greek dishes and sides like moussaka, saganaki, lamb kleftiko dominate this menu from Greek Mama.

We are always being told of the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, but this is actually a surprisingly difficult cuisine to find done well in London.

We have been fortunate enough to stumble upon the gem that is Greek Mama, serving up the most authentic-tasting Greek food this side of the Ionian sea. From rich moussaka to juicy souvlaki to mouth-watering gyros, there are lots of traditional Greek food options here beyond a simple Greek salad or ‘feta-everything’ dishes. You’ll find Greek Mama doesn’t have a restaurant or takeaway location – that’s because they exclusively deal in deliveries from their production kitchen. Don’t let that stop you though, check out their menu, and who knows, maybe something tickles your fancy.



5. I’m an Englishman in New York

You won’t need a fork for this pizza. Just fold, embrace the mess, and eat!

American food is really just a bit of everything from everywhere, isn’t it?

Burgers and hot dogs? Originally german. Pizza? Originally Italian. Chinese take-out? Obviously originally Chinese.

However, our American cousins have somehow managed to morph these once-authentic dishes into distinct enough variations that their originators are not interested in being associated with them – genius, really.

One such example is the famous New York pizza. When the slices are as big as your face, you have no choice but to fold it in half, and dig in. That’s how our favourite NY-style pizza shop got its name! NYFold serves up massive 22” pizzas from their shop in Soho, complete with a how-to guide for pizza slice-folding beginners. All their dough is made fresh each morning, proofed for 48 hours, and then baked in a gas oven, giving the pizza it’s signature crunchy base (to the dismay of Italians everywhere). Take your next office Pizza Friday to the next level. Just pray the inevitable carb coma that follows is a mild one.

View NYFOLD Menu


Food Around The World – Let It Come To You

Overall, it’s pretty clear London’s cosmopolitan makeup is a huge benefit for foodies across the city, with so many cuisines from different countries prepared to a high quality for us Londoners to try. Unfortunately, accessing lots of the best independent foodie joints like these ones is a struggle for a working Londoner, as the city is so vast. Luckily, with the advent of tech innovations and online delivery platforms, ordering lunch to the office has never been easier, no matter what you fancy.



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