Founders Factory | A fast scaling team in need of a flexible and personalised perk

Founders Factory | A fast scaling team in need of a flexible and personalised perk

The problem

Founders Factory is London’s leading venture builder, with over 140 start-ups in their portfolio.
At any one time they have around 30 startups and an operations team of 70 people housed in their Kensington co-working space.

The company was therefore looking for a benefit that would be flexible enough to support this dynamic environment. In addition, the team wanted a solution to encourage further social interactions across their workspace, a key pillar of their company culture – and best achieved through the introduction of a food perk.

With up to 200 people in this space at any one time, and staff numbers changing daily, a typical ‘group meal’ buffet style lunch was not practical and so their challenge was to find an easier, more efficient process for managing office lunches twice a week.

The Feedr Solution

Introducing Feedr’s Cloud Canteen has streamlined how a food perk is administered across the company, working around their flexible working policy and encouraging more social interactions at lunch.

Cloud canteen is built for scaling companies

As the Founders Factory team grows, they can be confident that our food solution will suit everyone. With an individual ordering model, Cloud Canteen menus ensure there’s always something someone will love, no matter their dietary requirements or taste preferences.

The Feedr service is totally flexible

Cloud Canteen’s individual ordering model makes it perfect for Founders Factory’s flexible working policy, reducing cost and food waste on days when there are fewer staff in the office.

The platform allows for hands-off management

Our admin portal makes management of the food plan simple. The Founders Factory admin team can be as hands off as they want to. They have a full suite of features to manage their plan including: adding and removing staff, appointing multiple admins and reviewing order trends.

“The Feedr service and curated meals choice is just fantastic, it is the highlight of our lunches at Founders Factory. The social aspect of our teams getting together at lunch to eat healthy and nutritious meals together is immeasurable. Feedr are one of those platforms that once implemented, you find it hard to remember how you got by without it!”

Louis Warner, COO, Founders Factory

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