Happy Veganuary!

Happy Veganuary!

It is the new year! Time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and most importantly, delicious and nutritious food! We are starting off this year with a bang by diving right into Veganuary, one of our favorite months to celebrate at Feedr. This January, we are going full vegan for the entire month – so get ready for a month of healthy, sustainable, and fresh plant-based meals in your office. 

As most people are aware, veganism is a diet that does not include meat and dairy-free foods and is therefore plant-based. So what exactly is Veganuary and how can you get your office involved? Veganuary is an international charity campaign that works towards sustainability and health, while making vegan-eating more accessible for people all over the world. 

The perfect veganuary dish: a Mexican Tostada Salad by Palm Greens', with a jar of chili oil on the side and a hand dipping in a spoon.
Palm Greens’ Mexican Tostada Salad

The Veganuary campaign has attracted more participants in the past few years as people are becoming more aware of the negative effects of regularly consuming meat and dairy products. The environmentally damaging impact of industrial farming is not sustainable, therefore by going vegan, even for a month, you can help heal the environment and focus on making your diet healthier!

Veganism does not have to be limited to fruits and vegetables, there are a lot of plant-based meat alternatives and dairy-free products that can be used in cooking that make your meals delicious and diverse. Feedr has an array of vendors that specialize in curating delicious and one-of-a-kind vegan dishes using a variety of ingredients. 

Holy Cow!’s delicious Batata Wadas – spiced deep fried potatoes and peas!

Check out some of our top vegan vendors such as Clean Kitchen, Halo Burger, Palm Greens, Holy Cow, Twisted, WTF, 5 Bun’s, and Mildred’s. All of which cater to the vegan lifestyle and promote healthy living, sustainability, and excellent food! 

This year we are starting off with a bang and offering 20% off on all vegan meals, so go big for 2022 by going vegan! 

A burger and nuggets from Clean Kitchen with a red smoothie in the background, perfect for veganuary.
Clean Kitchen’s 100% vegan and sustainable food

Interested in our vegan options? Check out our vendor options below!

If you want to learn more about how your office can join the veganuary campaign with Feedr, book a demo with our team to get a taste of our full suite of catering options.