How Airbnb improved culture with a sustainable food solution

How Airbnb improved culture with a sustainable food solution

The Problem

Airbnb are market leaders in the real estate sharing economy, and London is an important hub city for them. Faced with competition for attracting and retaining top talent, Airbnb was looking to replicate the excellent culture of their global offices in London and food is an important part of their benefits strategy.

Their challenge was to find a food solution for their team of 100 that kept their diverse team happy and scaled as they grew, but also met their strict requirements for eco-friendly deliveries, and light-touch management from a lean admin team.

Having felt the frustrations of organising meals from multiple catering suppliers with little visibility on how many people would be in the office, they wanted a system that was easy to set up and manage for admins, reduced food waste, and allowed them to access a mix of formats from individual meal boxes to sharing buffets and on-site pop-ups through one platform.

The Feedr Solution

Airbnb launched with Feedr in 2017, providing the team with a full service solution for their varied office food requirements.

Flexibility with our product offering

Our Cloud Canteen lunch program has given Airbnb a simple way to administer regular employee lunches each week. Employees simply order when they are in the office, ensuring less food waste, less time needed by the Office Manager to organise and overall increased satisfaction. In addition, we provide a dedicated Account Manager who works directly with the team on all bespoke requests, from internationally-themed days to interactive events.

Scalability with an easy-to-use platform & management system

Feedr was built with large, scaling tech companies in mind. Our platform has made it easy for employees and admins, with simple 2-click ordering and a central management portal, giving employees control over what they eat and managers control over all administrative areas.

Sustainability at the core of our business

We believe strongly that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience for sustainability. Our model minimises food waste, our vendors are carefully curated for their sustainable and eco-friendly practices, and over 70% of our deliveries are carbon neutral.

The Outcome

Since implementing Feedr, Airbnb has seen a revolution in their employee food offering with better engagement, improved culture and less time required by their office managers. They currently use Cloud Canteen multiple times a week and place regular catering orders for a variety of occasions.