How Box modernised their employee lunch benefit with Cloud Canteen

How Box modernised their employee lunch benefit with Cloud Canteen

Box, Inc. is a world leading cloud-based content management, collaboration, and file sharing tool for businesses with teams all over the world. 

In 2021 Box’s workplace services team faced new challenges returning to the office. Having embraced hybrid work for all its employees, unpredictable headcounts left their previous catering solution unsuitable for their new workplace strategy, budget and sustainability goals. Feedr enabled them to cater for their exact headcount on the day and allowed them to introduce new employee perks to boost employee engagement, improve retention and ensure their teams feel taken care of


Catering for unpredictable and fluctuating headcounts

Prior to the pandemic, the workplace services team provided daily buffet-style meals to hundreds of  employees in their central London office. Having lunch together with a variety of meal options formed a key part of their culture and daily rituals. However, this was no longer sustainable for the hybrid workplace, as it resulted in unnecessary spend and a vast amount of unwanted food waste. This made the Box team look into an alternative: They wanted an easy, flexible way to manage their lunch benefit as well as a delivered-in all-day snacking solution to keep their kitchens stocked with an extensive range of grazing and drinks options. 


Flexible, individual ordering with Cloud Canteen

Feedr’s Cloud Canteen has given Box a simple way to regularly provide their teams with lunches from innovative and high-quality vendors. Our streamlined ordering experience and daily rotating menus from a curated marketplace of vendors empower employees to make their choice based on personal dietary needs and lifestyle goals. With employees ordering themselves on the days they are in, Box only pays for what they need, ensuring cost-effectiveness and less food waste. Furthermore, the brand new Feedr Pantry Fill service made more time savings and bolstered employee experience in the office with regularly delivered treats and snacks readily available when they are most wanted during that afternoon low!

Urban greens delivered to the office for lunch


Completely stress-free administration and excellent employee experience

Since implementing Feedr, the weight of food challenges presented by hybrid working has been completely lifted, and cherished lunch rituals and team building have been able to continue on stress-free.  The workplace services team oversees everything from subsidy management, menu selection and invoicing in a dedicated central management portal, making the pressure of managing dietary requirements and keeping everyone satisfied with variety, taste, and quality a thing of the past. Above all, Feedr’s no subscription pricing offers the flexibility and cost-effectiveness needed for today’s world.

“Feedr has been absolutely fantastic, gaining our trust from our first interaction. They have helped us re-launch our food benefits smoothly whilst keeping our team excited about returning to the office. Feedr has been a huge hit internally: the team love the variety of the food and for me personally, it has completely taken the stress off my shoulders. Being able to use a dashboard makes everything very, very clear for me, it’s exactly what I needed to be an efficient workplace manager.” 

Cristina Borbely, Workplace services manager

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