How Feedr helps your business stop food waste

Stop food waste - eat lunch at work delivered by Feedr

Food waste is central to some of the key challenges facing the world today, including hunger and poverty, climate change, health and wellbeing, and the sustainability of agriculture and oceans.


To give you an idea of what that means…

33% of all food produced globally is lost or wasted every year

45% of root crops, fruit, and vegetables produced globally is lost or wasted per year

25% of the food wasted globally could feed all 795 million undernourished people in the world

8% of all greenhouse gas emissions each year are due to food loss and waste

Source: Stop Food Waste Day, an initiative founded by Compass Group 


“Food waste is a massive issue facing us all. As a global leader in food service operating in 40+ countries, we are uniquely positioned to raise awareness and make a positive impact to reduce food waste.” – Dominic Blakemore, CEO, Compass Group PLC


How Feedr helps stop food waste

Traditional office catering often results in substantial food waste, as it is impossible to perfectly predict daily demand. Traditional on-demand delivery services, while surmounting the food waste problem at the end-user level, don’t do much for food waste at the restaurant level for the same reason, and often contribute to associated waste such as excessive packaging.

With Feedr’s flexible online platform you can contribute to minimising food waste without compromising on quality. Your employees can access nutritious meals from top eateries in London, Manchester, and Dublin, place their individual orders and get them conveniently delivered to your office. Because we operate a pre-order model, we’re able to eliminate food waste at the consumer level and help our vendors forecast demand more accurately, thus supporting them in tackling food waste at the restaurant level too.

Additionally, we operate a group delivery model, meaning that we bundle our orders to minimise the number of Feedr vehicles on the road to keep emissions low. To top it off, all of our vendors use eco-friendly packaging that is a minimum of 90% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Food never tasted so good with a conscience!

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