How MiQ Digital levelled up employee experience at their London & Manchester offices

Feedr MiQ Case Study

MiQ Digital is an award-winning programmatic media partner for the world’s leading brands and media agencies with teams across the globe.  

When MiQ asked Feedr to cater for employees in its London and Manchester offices the goal was to provide more than a free lunch: it was about bringing people together. Feedr enabled MiQ to encourage its teams to return to the office and take a break from their desks to catch up and connect over a plate of nutritious food. This employee perk is part of a workplace strategy to ensure teams at both offices feel valued.  


A diverse choice of meals to excite the entire team across both locations 

Before working with Feedr, MiQ provided meals at a local café for employees in its Manchester office, while their London colleagues had much more choice. As employees often travel between offices, the MiQ team wanted to make the experience consistent across both workplaces. Although they championed hybrid working, they wanted to encourage people back to the office by offering a benefit that catered for the whole team and that everyone would get excited about. Their ultimate aim was to build a more diverse and inclusive team as well as give their employees a meaningful benefit.


Tailored ordering and shared dining with Cloud Canteen

Feedr’s Cloud Canteen has given MiQ a way to ensure equality for its teams in London and Manchester by providing a simple way to order lunches from innovative vendors. Our daily rotating menus and straightforward ordering experience encourage employees to get back to the office to enjoy the selection of high-quality subsidised meals on offer. As lunches are delivered to the office rather than individual desks, MiQ teams can come together and build connections over a healthy meal, followed by a little healthy competition over a board game or table tennis match!

Feedr Cloud Canteen


A levelled-up employee experience and a healthier workplace culture 

Since implementing Feedr, the MiQ teams in Manchester and London have been keen to stop for lunch, move away from their desks and socialise with colleagues. By using one simple platform, employees quickly and easily order the meals they want to the office they are working in. Employees are excited to choose from a diverse range of daily options to accommodate their dietary and cultural needs, whatever office they’re in. Levelling up the employee experience across both locations has created a more holistic workplace culture and a more united team.  

“A big benefit of Feedr is that it encourages everyone to take a lunch break. We make sure that the food goes to our breakout area and not directly to people’s desks and then have Slack channels set up where the team will let each other know when the food has arrived. The fact that everything comes together means people aren’t waiting around whilst others have their food so everyone can enjoy lunch together.

Feedr’s advanced dashboard allows us to select everything we want from multiple restaurants. The team can read nutritional information before they order so we can be fully inclusive and cater to everyone’s needs. We’ve also been able to add efficiences to our employee onboarding since having the same food ordering app in London and Manchester means our onboarding process for all employees is almost identical. And it means that employees who travel between offices can enjoy the same experience, and one less thing to worry about when travelling.

At MiQ, we’re not planning on telling employees they have to return to the office. Instead we’re encouraging attendance one or two days a week as we believe in-person collaboration is the best way for us to scale and grow, innovate and improve whilst providing all our employees the flexibility to manage their diaries and lives. Feedr helps us to encourage that”.

Evangelos Sideras, Chief Operating Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa

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