How Red Rock Power Improved its Lunchtimes with Cloud Canteen

Red Rock Power Limited is a Scotland-based developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects.

We recently sat down with Ashley Clark, Receptionist and Administration Assistant, at Red Rock Power to learn more about their experience with Feedr’s Cloud Canteen service.

Why food deliveries for the team?

There are several possible reasons why but for us, it’s a really easy yet effective way to get everyone to come together and socialise over lunchtime.

Is there anything in particular that you were looking for in a solution?

Previously we had a different office food supplier who provided buffet-style lunches for the team. Then during the pandemic, we didn’t have anything on. So as we started returning to the office, we were looking for a solution to cross-contamination which led us to decide on pre-packaged items allowing everyone to have their own lunch.

We also wanted a solution that enabled people to take ownership of their own lunch to accommodate their dietary requirements whilst also reducing waste. We had an issue with that previously as we found it difficult to predict how many people would be in the office leading to more inaccurate orders and waste than we would have liked.

What made Feedr stand out over other office catering solutions?

Aside from the easy-to-use tech, it was the sustainability and the healthier food options that impressed and aligned with us. We were aware of other big-name solutions in the area however, we weren’t keen on the fast food options that were available.

What other roadblocks have Feedr helped you overcome?

The biggest roadblock removed for me personally as an office manager is the team taking ownership of ordering their food for themselves. Now they’re always happy without any extra stress for me and if there are any issues at all they can just go straight to Feedr via the live chat function instead of needing to get in contact with me. Overall, it’s a lot off my plate allowing me to focus on my other tasks.

What does lunchtime look like at Red Rock?

There’s not enough seating for everyone, but, I would say that 80% of the team typically sits together and they’re not necessarily within their own teams. They’re now sort of mingling just where there’s a free seat, which is quite good. I also overhear plenty of daily discussions about the food, so Feedr is definitely helping to spark conversations and new relationships whilst keeping everyone full.

What have you been most impressed with when it comes to the Feedr service?

It’s definitely the variety that’s offered to the team. Even though we don’t have as many vendors as teams might do in London, there’s always a good mix of options and not just the same sandwiches each time as we used to have. An added bonus is that it’s always tasty.

Would you recommend Feedr to other office managers in Edinburgh?

Yes, absolutely, 100%.

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