How Tipalti Opened A New Office and A New Food Culture

How Tipalti Opened A New Office and A New Food Culture

Tipalti is a financial technology company focused on providing software for accounts payable, procurement and payments automation. 

The Tipalti team spend their lives supporting their clients in reducing the manual workload of finance teams across the world. They do this so that Finance teams can refocus their time on more valuable activities such as company growth and bringing money in rather than out. This work comes with an understanding and appreciation of the importance of people’s time and the need to effectively prioritize the time of busy individuals and teams. So when it came to lunchtime, the standard routine just wasn’t cutting it.

As they opened up the new London office, brought new hires into the company and introduced the newbies to office culture after 2 years spent working from home, they wanted to implement a lunch solution that provided healthy lunches and gave the team a sense of community. This was already something they successfully offered in other offices, so they set out looking for someone who could help them achieve the same high level of success in their London office.


The Challenge

Finding a food solution that brings the community back to the office without sacrificing flexibility. 

In every Tipalti office globally, providing good food and creating an environment that nurtures community and wellbeing is crucial. The UK office was launched in September 2021, following 18 months of Covid disruptions that allowed workers to get used to their own work from home routine. The Tipalti team wanted to offer a catering service that would be a perk to their new staff, as well as ensuring everyone had consistent access to healthy, nutritious meals. 

This in-office benefit would not only have to be a personal perk, but would ideally create a space that encouraged cross-departmental interaction, and fostered a sense of community and belonging across Tipalti. As the team worked in a hybrid model, coming into the office three days a week, they also needed a food service that would be flexible to their needs.  

The teams also had specific routines in place that a food service needed to  be flexible enough to complement, not disrupt. Members of the sales team had made it a habit of heading to the gym during their lunch hour, and wanted a healthy meal to greet them afterwards, while some people also wanted something a bit more indulgent to lead them into the weekly happy hour on Thursdays. 

They turned to Feedr in order to feed employees on those three days a week, catering to a growing team and giving them convenient lunch services that suited not only the specific needs of the business, but also the specific needs of the employees.

The Solution 

A diverse choice of meals that prioritises convenience and community

By using Feedr’s Cloud Canteen, Tipalti were able to implement a food service that prioritised convenience, providing food that fit around employees schedules and made their lives easier. Not only can employees enjoy high-quality meals, which Tipalti make a significant contribution towards, they are also able to spend more time in communal spaces enjoying their food and each other’s company. 

Emma sees the convenience of Feedr as an especially great feature as she is leading a busy sales team where people often start out their careers. It’s a great incentive knowing that they won’t have to search out an expensive and unsatisfying meal in central London, and instead can be supported with a lunchtime benefit to make the most of their lunch hour. Emma also loves the ease of use of Feedr, being able to order all her meals at the beginning of the week, and a quick reminder on the day just in case, allowing her and the team to focus on delivering their industry leading AP automation for their customers

Tipalti are also a fan of Feedr’s Group Catering ordering service, working with their dedicated account manager and setting up a recurring order as part of their monthly team birthday celebrations. Michelle orders in a special batch of mini cakes decorated with the Tipalti logo as an alternative to having people bring their own cakes in, making sure that everyone is accommodated for and bridging the gap between teams.

The Outcome

A shift in culture, cross-departmental interaction and wellbeing 

When Tipalti implemented Feedr, they noted that the team were really excited about the prospect of daily meals, enjoying the experience of having innovative, delicious food delivered to them. Even once the initial novelty wore off the team consistently appreciated the freedom that not having to go out and queue for their food gave them. 

Emma: “I remember when, when we first brought it into the office, people were really buzzed about it. Like, I ordered in a poke bowl and it’s really nice – and it just arrived in the office. I didn’t have to go anywhere. Or queue for ages. It’s such a great perk to be able to offer and people really, really appreciate it. It is one of those things where it almost seems small because people are just so used to just going out and getting their lunch, but it actually has such a big impact on team’s wellbeing.”

It also had a greater impact on the office culture as a whole, giving people an opportunity to grab their food, have a chat and even take the opportunity to sit together and eat in the breakout spaces. Tipalti report a more engaged culture and community around food, enhanced by Feedr’s delivery service and the move to an office space with a more communal kitchen area. The team enjoy planning their week ahead with Feedr, with people reporting that receiving the menu choices on a Friday afternoon is a highlight of their day, giving their week shape and giving them something to look forward to. Even when people still feel the need to take food to their desks, Emma sees this as a positive, making sure that even on the busiest of days, no one has to worry about not getting the nutrition they need.

As a busy, constantly growing business, this flexibility is key to Tipalti, and having a food delivery service that can accommodate their needs, even the unexpected ones, makes every day a little bit easier. 

Michelle: ‘As an office manager, if I know that I have employees that are traveling globally or visitors popping in, I’ll be able to meet their dietary requirements and order extra on my account. It gives you great flexibility.’ 

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