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As the landscape of our lives begins to change drastically, we are acutely aware that many within our vendor community need all the help they can get during what will be a tough period for the industry.  As a business who champions small, local and independent brands – it is these very brands who will suffer most as a result of store closures, social distancing and reduced trade.

We want to support all our vendors, many of whom are working round the clock to adapt to the current climate, keep their staff happy and healthy and keep their businesses up and running.  But, we must remember it isn’t possible for all our vendors to keep their doors open at this time. Those who have are working tirelessly to diversify their offering, support services such as the NHS, and keep London well-fed with delicious and nutritious food.

We’ve therefore compiled a list of ways just a few of our vendors have adapted their offering, and if you’re interested in finding out more about any of these new initiatives, please do get in touch with us at [email protected]


Atcha – Everyone’s favourite healthy Indian – still serving their dishes for delivery with a slightly reduced menu. The team are now also offering a Fresh Produce Box. A big box of locally sourced produce, from pale green dots and other local farms, and from tomorrow they will  be adding a London sourdough option too.



Spiers – Spiers Salad have sadly had to close the doors of their salad bars. But in support of the local producers who usually provide their produce, Spiers have changed their service to offer provisions boxes. From fruit and veg to coffee, cheese and even meat, Spiers are bringing delicious fresh produce to London’s doorssteps.



Sushi Dog – Sushi Dog are preparing and delivering 200 of their delicious sushi burritos to NHS staff across 4 London hospitals every day. This service is costing them £300 per day, and is only possible with your donations! You can donate here.




Crucial Food – After the latest updates from Government, Crucial food, who run from The Hogarth Club Chiswick health club,  have been forced to close. In a bid to keep locals healthy during this period, they have launched their 1 day wellness package. A delicious day worth of food to keep spirits high and bodies nourished.



Mother Works – The Hackney based team doing everything we can to still offer food, smoothies, juices, cakes and pantry items. This includes Patrick, founder jumping on his bike to deliver. Mother works have also been sharing some great recipes and videos for baking projects and store cupboard cooking to keep us all well fed.



ProToGo – High protein favourite ProtoGo! To preserve their business for re-opening down the line ProToGo are asking their customers to buy Gift-cards. Allowing their customer to pre-order a meal package to be used later.




Pollen & Grace  – With their usual stockists and suppliers closing their doors for the time being – Pollen & Grace are allowing people to order their pre-packaged meals for the week. Coming soon to Feedr.



If you are interested in any of these services from our vendor community or want to hear more, get in touch at [email protected]!

This is just a few examples of the things being done by the wonderful people that make up Feedr, our vendor community. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates to come! And remember, as our industry enters one of the toughest periods yet, we ask that you are mindful, swap your supermarket shop for some local produce, treat you and your family to a delivered meal, think about gift cards as the perfect present and follow what your favourite food businesses are doing and how you can support them.

Thank you, from the Feedr team




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