London’s Must Try Poké Bowls

 London’s Top Poke Bowls you need to try

The Best Poké Bowls

Poké bowls (pronounced poh-kay) are a Hawaiian staple dish that traditionally brings together marinated fish, rainbow veggies, and other garnishes on top of a rice base. These bowls have increased recently in popularity and trendiness – from personal experience, the hype is much deserved.

Here are the top places in London you can find Poké bowls so your summer is fulfilled both healthily and deliciously. Plus, all these bowls are available to order with Feedr, so no need to worry about the lunch rush in office hours. 

Poké Mi 

From the beaches of Hawaii to the streets of LA via Mexico City and Seoul, the fusion of exciting flavours and authentic ingredients in Poké Mi give the true popular Poké bowl experience.

 Vegan or vegetarian? No problem! The Ssamjang Tempeh Poké Bowl provides a protein- packed bowl, which is meat and dairy- free; and in case you’re feeling more exotic, the Hot Hawaiian Poké Bowl fills you up with fun flavours like pineapple and jalapeno. Of course, the more traditional salmon and tuna poké bowls are available too, with tons of veggies to keep you feeling fresh and fulfilled. 

Salmon, chicken, avocado, tofu - all various different toppings!
An array of the colourful bowls on offer © Poke Mi

Island Poké

Being voted the best Poké in London, Island Poké has the true taste and essence of Hawaiian cuisine. The founder, James Porter, spent his childhood summers between the beaches of California and the tropical islands of Hawaii, thus finding the inspiration behind his business that began providing tropical island paradise at street food markets. Putting sustainability first, and also introducing Europe’s first vegan poké, Island Poké is not only a delicious restaurant, but one you can trust.

The customisable ‘Build Your Own Bowl’ is a customer favourite, as you can add anything from rice, greens, and noodles, to tuna, chicken, and tofu, garnishing it with various other veggies, nuts, and sauces.

Poké bowls with pineapple and mango
Extra pineapple added for a summer, fruity feel.


The creation of Abokado stemmed from the idea of healthy, fast and freshly made food that leaves you feeling great, instead of the less nutritious alternative of fast-food. As the Feedr team newly welcomes Abokado aboard as a vendor to our office food delivery business, we encourage you to also welcome their food into your diet by trying their made-from-scratch poké bowls. So many choices, but Feedr’s favourite is their tuna and salmon poké bowl that features top-tier, sashimi-grade fish that’s so fresh you’ll be begging for more.

Salmon, tuna, carrot, cucumber, coriander, mint - very nutritious poké bowl
These rainbow colours make for the perfect lunchtime meal  

K10 Sushi 

K10 offers high-quality individual and sharing platters of Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. Not only are they great for their fresh sushi, sashimi, salads, and hot dishes, but the true customer favourite is the nutritious poké bowls. Packed with energising protein, vitamins, and fibre, K10’s various salmon, chicken, and tuna poké bowl options are perfect for a satisfying lunchtime meal. Don’t talk until you’ve tasted!


Found your new passion in poké bowls?  There’s plenty more where that came from on the Feedr website: we deliver straight to your office, simple and straightforward, like the poké bowls you’re about to try! Click here to book a demo with our sales team and find out more.

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