Looking Back on 2021

Looking Back on 2021

2021 is nearly over, and what a year it has been! It has been full of ups and downs, lockdowns and uncertainty, but also good news. 2021 has been an especially exciting and eventful year for us at Feedr, and in celebration of the upcoming new year we would like to look back on some of the things we accomplished in 2021. 

Launched in New Cities

This year has been a grand leap for Feedr in terms of our expansion into new cities throughout the U.K. and Ireland! Our services are now available to businesses in Manchester, Dublin, and Edinburgh. These were all huge milestones for us as we have been able to reach more people and spread the word about changing the future of the modern workplace with food. 

Feedr is now available in Edinburgh

Lyz Swanton Awarded Women in IT Award

In June of this year, one of our excellent co-founders was awarded as the Innovator of the Year in the prestigious Women in IT Awards, which was a giant win for Feedr. The Women in IT Awards works to recognize outstanding women who perform exceptionally in the digital sector. Lyz Swanton was nominated for her innovation, creativity, and leadership throughout the pandemic that led to Feedr becoming a stronger and more successful business.

Our Co-Founder, Lyz Swanton.
Lyz Swanton, Co-Founder of Feedr

A Golden Year for Feedr

This year Feedr was shortlisted in a number of awards, namely the UK Business Tech Awards and the FoodTech 500. The UK Business Tech Awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of businesses adapting to the virtual era and making movements in the digital sector through innovations in technological strategies and development. The Foodtech 500 draws attention to industry leaders within the intersectional industries of food, technology, and sustainability. The recognition goes a long way in helping our business blossom and spreading awareness of our services. These nominations demonstrate how Feedr has become a frontrunner in the pivotal innovations of business technology for growing companies in the industry. 

Accredited as a Living Wage Employer

We are proud to say that this year Feedr was accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Every Feedr employee earns above £9.50 per hour in the U.K. and £10.85 in London, highlighting the value we hold for the members of our team. We are appreciative of this accreditation as it demonstrates our dedication to our employees and commitment to their wellbeing and happiness.

New Office Space 

Feedr is excited to announce that later this month we will be moving into a new, more permanent office space in London with our partners at the Restaurant Associates. This is a big step for our London team, as our office has been a provisional space especially as most employees are working from home, but now we are moving to a brand new office that will allow more access for in-person working and pave the way for the future of Feedr!

Our Vendors

Feedr has been proud of our ability to focus on our new vendors this year, and we have opened our doors to a large number of new and exciting providers. We provide food of all sorts of cuisines from over 100 vendors, all of which have been awarded above a 4 star hygiene rating and surpass our thorough requirements that ensure that they are nutritious and sustainable businesses. Our Vendor Spotlights dive deeper into the motivations and values of the small businesses that we promote, and we are excited to gain more in the new year!

Image of a salad bowl and fruit.

Welcomed New Faces 

This year Feedr has welcomed a lot of new faces. 22 new members have joined the team and contributed to the growth of our business this year. We continue to welcome new customers and companies that benefit from our services; from Hospitality to Cloud Canteen.

Despite the pandemic and the uncertainty of lockdowns, quarantines, and reopening, this year goes down as one of the best in Feedr history. We have innovated, developed, and expanded, and we hope to continue our hard work and accomplish even more in the new year!

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