Meat Free Mondays: Plant Based Lunches to Get Your Week Started Right

Meat Free Mondays: Plant Based Lunches to Get Your Week Started Right

Monday’s may have a bad reputation (thanks, Garfield), but everyone can appreciate the sense of newness they bring to the week, especially those of us working in the office. Monday is the go-to day for a weekly reset, whether that’s a return to productivity after the weekend, taking a moment to reflect on the week ahead or even getting started on a brand-new task or goal. Monday, for better or worse, sets the tone for the week. So we’ve been working to increase participation in Meat Free Mondays by providing easy access to nutritious, plant-based food in the office.

Meat-free Mondays are an easy and consistent way to kickstart your weekly successes by actively choosing to reduce meat consumption in favour of a varied, healthier, and more environmentally sustainable diet. Choosing a plant-based option allows you to work on personal goals and offers a way to generally improve employee wellbeing and productivity.

Finding a meat-free option that works for you has never been easier, so here are 4 plant-based meals available through Feedr that are perfect for Monday lunch, no matter what the day looks like.  

Kaleido Rolls

Everyone loves to start a new routine on a Monday, but just because you’ve booked in a yoga class on your lunch break doesn’t mean you should actually skip lunch. Get a delivery from Kaleido Rolls for fresh, vibrant salads that are tightly wrapped up in a rice paper roll, inspired by Vietnamese summer rolls. These are a perfect way to fit all the vegetables, protein and flavour you need into a busy day, all packaged up into a convenient roll you can grab and eat on the go.

Our Feedr favourite is the roasted red pepper roll, full of flavour to wake you up for the week ahead. If you’re looking for more variety (it is the spice of life after all) try the veggie box which features the roasted aubergine in tamari, feta and pesto and sweet potato and tahini rolls.

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Meat Free Mondays - Salad Rolls from Kaleido Rolls
Salad Rolls From Kaleido Rolls

Shoop Soup

The enticement of Monday as a fresh start comes in the opportunities to try something new, to bring original ideas to the table and be more innovative than you were the week before. Although the pursuit of creativity can leave us racking our brains for inspiration, our top trick is to broaden our horizons and find a lunch that is as exciting and creative as we want our week to be. We recommend ordering Shoop Soup’s sabich bowl, which features jammy soft boiled eggs, crispy fried aubergine, salad and hummus with tahini and chili sauces for an original perspective on plant-based staples. You could also try out the falafel bowl, or the shakshooka.

Meat Free Mondays - Falafel Bowl from Shoop Soup
Falafel Bowl from Shoop Soup

Halo Burger

Sometimes Monday isn’t quite the fresh start you want it to be – whether you’re still recovering from a busy weekend, or just not quite ready to fit into the flow of the week, we can all admit that sometimes we just want something comforting, reliable and not that healthy. The joy of a modern plant-based diet is in variety, and that means we are no longer restricted to just traditional healthy foods. So even if you’re tucking into Halo Burger’s triple stacked Flameburger dripping with melted cheese and crispy jalapenos with a side of fries this Monday, you can rest easy knowing you’ve still managed to eat meat-free. Halo Burger’s offering is 100% vegan, so no matter what you’re craving there’s something meatless for you there!

Halo burger triple flameburger
Flameburger from Halo Burgers

Get plant based meals delivered to your office

All of these plant-based meals, and many more, are available to be delivered fresh to your office through Feedr, to keep you satisfied no matter what the week brings.