Pedal Me: The faster, cheaper, greener way to have your office food delivered

If you’ve used our services, you might know that 100% of our orders are bundled in orders in carbon-neutral deliveries. By doing so, we lower emissions, get vehicles off the road and make your lunch even greener!

Pedal Me bike courier

One of the fantastic couriers we use for our deliveries is London-based Pedal Me. Pedal Me uses its fleet of electric cargo bikes to make their way around the city, changing the landscape of same-day deliveries and passenger transport. We recently chatted with them to learn more about their mission and goals, so make sure to keep reading!

What does Pedal Me do?

Pedal Me transports and delivers a huge range of goods in London using a fleet of e-cargo bikes ridden by highly-skilled, well-trained and highly motivated riders. Our clients include coffee roasters, breweries, flower suppliers, film companies, local authorities, community kitchens, charities, restaurant chains and numerous food suppliers – pretty much the entire range of London logistics. 

Pedal Me bike courier

Why was Pedal Me started?

Pedal Me began as an alternative carbon-neutral passenger service, something that got us noticed on the streets of London – alongside our bright pink livery! We switched to focus more on cargo and B2B work over the past two years and it has proved a successful transition.

What makes Pedal Me stand out from other couriers?

As polluting diesel vans become increasingly untenable in our cities, alternative solutions such as Pedal Me provide the answer – fast, efficient, non-polluting. Our riders strictly adhere to the rules of the road, unlike many companies! – and are intelligent, pleasant individuals who are fine ambassadors for the Pedal Me ethos. Also our carrying capacity far outstrips other companies in the sphere: 150kg with a bike and trailer combination!

Pedal Me bike courier

What are Pedal Me’s 2023 goals?

Further consolidation of our position as market leaders in the Capital, spreading the word of cargo bike deliveries and their advantages over four-wheeled alternatives. And we are now in a position to franchise and expand to other major UK cities. Watch this space…

Is there anything else about Pedal Me you think we should know?

We all ride at least one day per week, from mechanics to directors to accounts staff. It keeps us connected as a team, helps us all appreciate the fine job our riders do, and builds morale across the board. Our company motto: Think Pink!

Pedal Me bike courier

Read more about our commitment to sustainability and place your first carbon-neutral office food delivery with us. We look forward to helping reduce your office’s carbon footprint with healthy and sustainable food options!