Perfectly Imperfect – Wabi-Sabi

Perfectly Imperfect – Wabi-Sabi

Let us introduce you to a new vendor joining our vendor community: Wabi & Sabi, named after the Japanese phrase meaning ‘perfectly imperfect’. Wabi & Sabi bring authentic Asian flavours with a healthy and wholesome menu inspired by Japanese cuisine.

So perfectly imperfect – what does it really mean and why is it relevant?

Wabi-sabi is the ideology of embracing imperfection, it’s an unadulterated outlook of our world; it’s seeing the beauty in the natural, appreciating the stability of the monotonous and embracing the flaws in ourselves.

After some further reading and discussion, we began to dissect the meaning of this Japanese philosophy and came to realise – this is exactly what Feedr stands for.

Not only this, but it’s an outlook every one of us can benefit from.

In an era of perfectly curated social media feeds and an endless barrage of media outlets reminding us of our flaws, many of us live in a state of constant longing. We become unsatisfied with what we have, striving to achieve an unattainable level of perfectionism. Now don’t get us wrong, we understand there’s no harm in wanting to be better, but there can be a point when it all gets too much… Which is when we start to believe there’s a lot to be said for taking the time to appreciate what we have – wabi-sabi.

With so much of what we consume being altered and corrected to the point of unrealistic expectations, we slowly begin to question authenticity. With honesty, balance and authenticity being some of our core values at Feedr, we really relate to this! As such, we only work with the best vendors who also strive for these values. From transparent supply chains to authentic dishes created with only the best ingredients – our vendor community share our passion for creating amazing food, sourcing responsibly and offering well balanced healthy delicious meals. Wabi-sabi epitomises these priorities, emphasising the importance of realism and naturalness. We don’t believe every meal should be the most healthy, photogenic or ‘Instagramable’, but we do believe it should be well balanced in health and delicious in taste. So treat yourself to that Twisted burger or Daddy Donkey burrito, just make sure you balance it out with a fresh Palm Greens Salad or avocado toast from Rock My Bowl.

Next time you find yourself criticising something which is slightly flawed, or scrutinising the number of carbs in a meal, think back to this ancient Japanese teaching and remember to embrace imperfections and allow for balance. Stop comparing and examining everything you see and do and start to appreciate your day-to-day life. How can we be satisfied with what we’ve got if we’re always wanting what’s unattainable? As much as we strive to be the perfectionist of our own lives, perfectionism leads to unfulfillment and disappointment, but embracing a full and well-balanced lifestyle encourages us to enjoy the richness of life.

So we’re putting it out there – living our most fulfilled life is paramount to us, and we’re going to stick by that. By doing so, we’re going to live by this Japanese expression. At Feedr we’re all for working hard and developing your craft, we live for passion and expression and we love witnessing other start-ups out there killing it. But, it’s all about balance. Treat yourself once in a while, allow for mishaps, and embrace change.

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