The Most Convenient Office Lunches to Grab and Go

The Most Convenient Office Lunches to Grab and Go

Sometimes the idea of a lunch ‘break’ can be a bit of an oxymoron. The office lunch ought to be a restorative experience, spent eating a delicious and convenient meal that gives you time to relax and replenish before taking on the rest of your day.

Yet a lunch break can often become stressful in itself, completely ruining the whole experience. Maybe you’ve somehow spent half your break stuck in a queue 10 deep, only to hungrily demolish your meal on the walk back, or just had the jarring realisation that your perfectly pre-packed lunch has been left to lonesomely ride the train all day. 

We’re trying to make lunch in the office a less stressful experience for everyone, so today we’re ranking our favourite foods that deliver on taste and nutrition but most importantly on convenience. So even if you’ve got an urgent call, or are just looking forward to taking the opportunity to relax and socialise with colleagues, ordering in these foods means you’ve got one less thing to worry about. 

No matter if you’re just feeding yourself or catering for the whole office, Feedr’s delivery platform ensures that mealtime is as convenient as possible for you and your team. From the ability to pre-order your lunches for the week, to ensuring the pantry always stays filled, Feedr allows you to get the food you want, minus the inconvenience. 

5. Salads 

A long time office staple, salads are a great option if you want your lunch to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule, not the other way around. After all, we all know the pain of looking forward to lunch all day only to get distracted by something urgent and somehow your hot lunch has become decidedly tepid. 

Salads are also inherently versatile, able to accommodate everyone’s needs and easily scaled up to serve anyone from a small team meeting to the whole office. The only downside is that they’re not great for eating on the go – unless of course you’re tucking into a Kaleido salad roll! Kaleido has truly perfected the salad as a convenience item with their salad rice paper rolls, available in a variety of flavours and serving sizes. 

Salad Bowl

4.  Burritos

Convenience food often gets a bad rap for being somewhat bland or uninspiring – and while it’s true there’s nothing earth-shattering about a meal deal, it’s unfair to paint all easy to eat foods as dull.

 Case in point? The burrito is a show-stopping meal that is convenient to eat on the go, incredibly flavourful and indulgent, and can be modified to suit most diets. Wrapped up tight in foil, a burrito can easily be eaten en route or even reheated if the days are especially busy while still managing a top spot as the office’s favourite mid-week treat. However, we will have to dock a point for the fact that once you’ve eaten a burrito it becomes difficult to resist the temptation of a nap afterwards – not great for productivity in the long run! 

Looking for a burrito recommendation? Check out Daddy Donkeys’ in London, Bonnie Burrito in Edinburgh or Chilango, no matter where you are – did we mention they’re all available through Feedr? Check out the menu below! 

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3. Sushi  

When sushi first arrived in the UK it was certainly not a convenience food – instead it was a luxury item primarily served in high end restaurants, painstakingly prepared by dedicated chefs. Luckily, times have changed and now we can all enjoy the great taste of sushi while highlighting its status as food that is perfect to eat on a busy day. Designed to share, yet easy to enjoy individually, sushi is a fantastic option for lunch when you know you’re looking for something light, diverse and easy to eat.

 Ordering in a platter filled with a variety of cooked, uncooked, vegetarian or fish sushi is a great way to break up the monotony of convenience foods that’ll have everyone excited for lunchtime. 

Check out Sushidog if you’re interested in innovation, as they’ve combined two of the greatest convenience foods – wraps and sushi – into their own special wrap style sushi rolls. 

Sushi Platter

2. Wraps 

The wrap is a true all rounder in every sense of the word. No matter what you’re hungry for, if it can be wrapped up in bread, it will be. Hot, cold, healthy or not, the wrap is a great way to transform any food into an easy to eat form that’ll keep the whole team satisfied no matter how busy it can get. 

The wrap is an especially great convenient lunch because of the way it can easily fit into almost every cuisine. Craving Indian? Faasos has got you covered with their wraps which contain everything from biryani to chole samosa. In the mood for something nutritious? Check out Acai Girl’s flatbread wraps for classic feel good fare that’ll keep you full all day featuring honey grilled halloumi and tzatziki. 

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1. Sandwiches 

In the realm of convenience, the sandwich still reigns supreme. The sandwich platter is an office staple for a reason – it just works. No matter the time, no matter the day, no matter the schedule, a platter of sandwiches fits in effortlessly. 

Don’t believe us? Try out a spread of breakfast bagels with egg and bacon from Bagel Factory, a mixed tray of organic baguettes from Vanda’s Kitchen for lunch and end the day with a platter of melts and subs from Which ‘Wiches Superior Sandwiches just in case anyone’s still peckish. Comforting, versatile, nutritious and dependendable, the sandwich ought to be your steadfast companion if convenience is key. 

Bagel Platter

Interested in having any of these options delivered to your office?

Check out Feedr for all of your office meal needs, from catered events, daily office lunches all the way to just keeping the pantry stocked! 

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