Ready for Summer? Ways to Brighten The Office Up with Lunch

Ready for Summer? Ways to Brighten The Office Up with Lunch

Without a doubt, summer time is our favourite time of year. The sun is out, the weather’s warm,  the beer garden is full, and the mood is good. While we might not agree with that old British stereotype that all we talk about is the weather, we have to admit that the idea that you’ll see the Great British Public trying to catch every last ray of sunshine has some truth to it – after all, sunshine is a precious commodity in the UK. This means summer days in the office can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, especially when you can practically hear the park calling your name. Luckily, we’ve thought of some great lunch time ideas featuring the best of summer produce you can order in to get the full summer feel, perfect for taking to the park on your lunch break for a picnic with the team or just sunbathing in the sunny corner of the office. 


Summer Salad featuring bacon, chicken and butternut squash and from Olive and Squash
Summer Salad from Olive and Squash

The best part of food in the summer has to be the sudden abundance of fresh produce, with almost everything you could ever want enjoying peak freshness, whether you’re after bushels of newly sprouting spinach, sunkissed strawberries or juicy, ripe avocados. A salad on a hot day feels like one of the best things you could eat, with everything tasting its absolute best and giving you peak nutrition – no wonder we all feel better in summer! 

If you find yourself craving something green, we recommend checking out Olive and Squash. The team at Olive and Squash pride themselves on creating stunning seasonal menus, and so they’re a great choice if you want something fresh, locally sourced, sustainably farmed, and bursting with flavour. They have the option to build your own salads so you can fill up on all your summer favourites, but if you’re looking to try something you know you’ll like we recommend the burrata al pesto for an indulgent, creamy salad that’ll taste like you’re eating al fresco. 

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Summer spread from Mama Jerk's featuring plantain, jerk chicken and burgers
BBQ from Mama’s Jerk

The BBQ is a classic summer ritual that is really one of the best things you can do on a hot day. No matter what your role is, whether you’re in charge of keeping the ice box stocked up, doing the heavy lifting on the grill, or just keeping the party going, regular attendance at a BBQ is a marker of a summer spent well. While a BBQ might be one of our favourite summer activities, we admit that the actual grilling can sometimes be better done by the experts. Check out some of the fantastic grilled options available on Feedr for that great smoky BBQ taste without the startling realisation that the garden’s full of hungry guests but the chicken is still frozen solid. 

Our favourite BBQ option is Mama Jerk, who are making drool-worthy food that is bursting full of classic Caribbean flavours. Their secret BBQ Jerk sauce is a family recipe, created in St Elizabeth, Jamaica by the eponymous Mama and handed down through generations of gourmands. With everything from loaded chicken jerk fries, to classic crowd pleasers such as the chicken bbq wings, ordering in Mama Jerks for lunch is a great way to kickstart that summer feeling with a lunch break that feels like a real day out. 

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There’s something about seafood that just feels quintessentially summer. Maybe you’re spending a classic day out at the beach, tucking into an XXL portion of fish and chips (with mushy peas, of course), readying yourself for the unintentional mid-day nap on the sand where you will inevitably end up burning. Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to be spending your summer abroad, dressed to the nines and enjoying fruits de mer in some glamorous location.

 Even if this isn’t currently the case, ordering in a seafood treat is a great way to get excited for your summer holiday plans, at home and abroad. Seafood is also a fantastically healthy source of protein, high in important nutrients and great for your skin, nails and hair – ideal if you really want to do the most for your holiday preparations and ensure you’re feeling your absolute best. 

If you’re looking for something that combines the best of summer produce and perfectly fresh fish, order in a poke bowl from Island Poke, full of fresh, great quality ingredients from their spicy ahi tuna to their teriyaki tofu. Inspired by the founder’s childhood holidays spent in Hawaii and California, they’ll be sure to keep you in a summery mood even if you’re not on holiday.  High in lean protein, full of heart-healthy fats like avocado and fish, and even giving you an extra kick of nutrition and fibre in vegetables, poke bowls are perfect if you want to nourish your body and feel like it’s summer all year round. 

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If you want to bring the summer vibes to your lunchtime with these great food options – check out Feedr for all your office food delivery needs!