Seasonal Eating: The Most Flavoursome Things to Eat in June

Seasonal Eating: The Most Flavoursome Things to Eat in June

Here at Feedr, we’ve often talked about the idea of seasonal eating, and have worked extensively with caterers and restaurants who pride themselves on operating a seasonally rotating menu. 

But what does eating seasonally in the UK actually entail? 

Eating seasonally and locally means eating things that are naturally in harvest depending on the time of year, which allows you to eat the best of your local produce in a sustainable way, as you’re limiting the amount of air miles your food accrues, as well as reducing the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used to grow them. This can also be a financially sustainable eating method, as when crops are abundant and don’t need to be imported, prices often lower. 

Seasonal eating is a great way to eat as you’re basically guaranteed to eat your produce at peak nutrition and taste, avoiding the pitfalls of soggy lettuce and rock-hard pears. It also makes eating your veggies easier, as when you have an abundance of delicious produce available, why would you choose anything else? 

The only hard thing about seasonal eating? Knowing what’s in season, when to buy it and ways to integrate it into your diet. In June, we’re not only celebrating the beginning of Summer (finally!) but we’re also celebrating fresh fruit and vegetable month, so it’s the best time to get started. This week’s blog post should give you some pointers on what to buy, and hopefully some inspiration to get you started! 


A wicker basket full of fresh beetroot


Beetroot is often an overlooked vegetable, treated as a pariah due to its association with pickle-jars and permanently stained countertops. Yet it’s a true superfood, high in iron and great for heart health, and is grown throughout the UK as one of the most environmentally sustainable crops we have. So what’s stopping you? 

If you’re still unsure try it out in Atcha’s Salmon box. This dish features beetroot thoran, an Indian dish that stir fries chopped beetroot with grated coconut, turmeric, curry leaves and mustard seeds. The blend of coconut and spices are perfect for bringing out both the natural sweetness and earthiness of this criminally underrated veg.


Have you ever eaten a tomato right from the vine? Well try it immediately – those bright red cherry tomato flavour bombs bursting in the mouth are night and day from the anemic-looking slices we’ve had to put up with all winter. If the nearest tomato vine isn’t conveniently located next to your desk, order in Kichn’s heritage tomato and halloumi lentil salad. Although multi-coloured heritage tomatoes are obviously the MVP of this delicious lunch, it’s got the support of other in season teammates – spinach and radishes – to truly deliver this lunchtime.


Finally! Summer fruit season is upon us! The supermarkets have been full of uninspiring, bland options for far too long, and at long last we’re regaining access to the sweet, flavourful and perfectly firm fruits that you dream of. Luckily for us, some of the best fruit around also happens to be grown locally, from plump blueberries, tart greengages and including the best fruit of all time, the summer-staple strawberry. Your fruit platters may have been neglected all winter, but now they’ll make the people really sit up and pay attention. Check out city brunch for their fruit platters  as the ideal for an everyday office snack or mid-morning meeting accompaniment. 


We don’t often think of meat as ‘in-season’,but June is the perfect time to tuck into a nice juicy lamb shoulder, dripping with gravy and served up with perfectly crunchy roast potatoes and a bold and refreshing mint sauce. While we can agree that lamb roasts are an almost perfect Sunday dinner, they aren’t the most convenient option for on the go – so maybe check out Kamoon’s spicy pulled lamb and sweet potato bowl, perfect for reminding you why lamb is the ultimate in British produce. 


Beloved by bodybuilders and first-time pescatarians alike, Salmon has really enjoyed its position as the most popular fish – and we’re not complaining. Peak salmon season operates from June to August, where every variety of wild salmon is easily caught and available for sale, caught from places such as the River Severn in the UK, where they’ve caught as many as 30,000 in a single season. We have an abundance of salmon options available on Feedr, but one of our faves is the Pink Heat Poke bowl from Eden’s kitchen featuring salmon with rice, kimchi and spicy mayo. 

Looking to try any of these options or discover more of our seasonal options? Book a demo with our team today and discover how easy seasonal eating can be