The Best Chinese Food in London for Office Lunches

With Chinese New Year coming up, you may be enticed to cater a one-off special celebration for your team through our Group Catering or choose a traditional vendor for a lunchtime Cloud Canteen order.

If you’re looking for the perfect Chinese food in London for office delivery, we have a dish for you! With so many restaurants to choose from, let us help you find your favourite. From dim sum dumplings to noodle recipes passed down through generations to thirst-quenching and sweet-tooth-satisfying bubble tea, we’re sharing our top vendors for Chinese New Year in London. 

Humpty’s Dumplings

Hungry for delicious dumplings? Humpty’s Dumplings are the perfect bite to hit the spot. From Siu Mai to Har Gow and everything in between, they have you covered. Humpty’s also has a variety of Bao Buns available if you aren’t in the mood for dumplings. Our personal favourites include their Mushroom Bao Buns or their Chicken & Vegetable Xialong Bao. If you’re feeling adventurous and hungry, why not mix and match a few varieties to get a taste of it all!

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Noodle Street

Craving noodles? That’s exactly what you’ll get from Noodle Street who have been serving up their much-loved Chinese cooking and delicate dim sum to the community for over a decade. Their recipes are rooted in time-honoured family traditions, crafted right here in London using well-sourced produce from the best growers, fishermen and farmers they can find. If you’re in the mood for something warm, we’d recommend their Handmade Wonton Noodle Soup – it’s pretty unbeatable. Alternatively, if you’re craving vegetables, go for their Sweet & Sour Vegetables. Whatever you order, we know you’ll enjoy it!

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ChaCha Roll

While not uniquely Chinese, ChaCha Roll infuses Asian flavours from across the continent into snacks that go beyond the usual with cool new creations like Asian Flavoured Rolls and Sushi Burritos. If you’re looking for something a bit more fusion and less traditional then this is the place to order from. Our team loves to go for the Beancurd Aromatic Duck Roll and a bottle of their tasty Brown Sugar Hong Kong Milk Tea.

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Momo Canteen

Momo Canteen offers pan-east Asian casual food from its three locations across London. Their mission is to serve the best treats from the streets in the far east without compromising on value and quality. While they serve up more than just Chinese food, our recommendation for a Chinese-influenced dish would be to go for the Hoisin Roast Duck Momo Street Bowl. If you’re feeling thirsty, why not add a Brown Sugar Milk Bubble Tea to wash it all down!

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