Looking for the best salads in London? Here’s our list

The best salads in London

Salads are the perfect, healthy way to stay energised and rejuvenated at work. But It’s commonly thought that they are just sides to the main meal, but we want to show you that our faves aren’t just leaves, but wholesome and filling meals that can sustain you through the day.

To help you out, we’ve shortlisted some of the best salads in London that’ll leave you wanting more. And the best part… these salad extraordinaires can be delivered right to your office through Feedr.

The best salads in London

Urban Greens

Bringing and blending their unique culinary experiences from living in London, Stockholm, and Athens, the three founders of Urban Greens took a leap of faith. Creating a menu thoughtfully crafted with taste and nutrition at its heart, Urban Greens specifically emphasises using quality ingredients and fresh flavours that pair well together.

Feedr’s faves

Urban Green's Urban Caesar - best salads in london


British free-range chicken, red rice, shredded kale, cherry tomatoes, crispy turkey bacon, parmesan, toasted hazelnuts, pickled onions

Dressing: Caesar 

Urban Green's Gogosan

GOGOSAN  (vegan)

Sesame marinated glass noodles, Chinese kimchi, sugar snaps, avocado, blanched broccoli, bean sprouts, fresh coriander, toasted cashews, sesame seeds

Dressing: Gochujang miso



Olive and Squash 

Positive Eating is not just about serving the freshest and most delicious food. It’s about their tailored menu for the seasons, making everything from scratch, and putting sustainability at the heart of each decision.

Seasonal does not only mean local and sustainable but also incredibly fresh, since the local ingredients don’t have to travel far and are picked ripe a few days before they reach O+S’s kitchen. By the time they make it onto your bowl, we promise they will be bursting with flavour.

Feedr faves

Olive and Squash's Italian Summer (veg) - The best salads in London

Italian Summer (veg)

Rocket, courgetti, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, homemade pesto, burrata, homemade croutons, and olive oil



Salad Project

It all comes from farmers we know and trust. Sustainably sourced, cooked from scratch, no skipped steps – good for the planet, good for you. The best part? Salad Project understands one size does not fit all, so you can make your favourite bowl by customising it. All you need to do is choose your base, toppings, the main source of protein, and any additional yummy extras to complete your meal. 

Feedr’s Faves 

Salad Project's Caulipower (veg) - the best salads in London

Caulipower (veg)

Kale, roasted sweet potatoes, caramelised red onions, carrots, cucumbers, mint, roasted spiced cauliflower, feta, pickled red onions. Comes with a tangy tahini lemon dressing that is to die for.



Salad Kitchen

Salad Kitchen’s aim is to create salads that are more than sides, but instead a dish that is as satisfying and indulgent as your guiltiest treats, without sacrificing nutritional values. Their versatile, customisable Crunch Box allows for all your favourite foods and toppings to be added to one hearty, delicious bowl. 

Feedr’s faves

Salad Kitchen's CrunchBox


A built-to-order medley of daily changing salads, signature sprinkles and your choice of pulled chicken, avocado, vegan kimchi, goat’s cheese and/or grilled halloumi; all topped with their house-made dressings.



HOP Vietnamese 

HOP brings the Vietnamese locals’ proudly shared secrets from their kitchens to the busy, hungry people lunching in London.  The founder quit his job and spontaneously ventured into Saigon, where the aromatic flavours and easy healthy meals of Vietnamese cuisine were revealed.  Through this, he wanted to provide a quick service, fresh food, and a nourishing Vietnamese eatery.

Feedr’s faves 

HOP Vietnamese's Veg dumpling noodle salad

Veg dumpling noodle salad 

Leek & tofu dumplings with vermicelli rice noodles. Served with crunchy Viet salad, crispy shallots, crushed peanuts, coriander, sliced chillies and their signature vegan nuoc cham dressing.

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