The Best Seasonal Office Food Deliveries

The Best Seasonal Office Food Deliveries

It is finally here! Unlike the Summer which flies by, Autumn is always welcomed and talked about weeks beforehand. Starting off with Diwalii, followed by Halloween and finally Christmas – there’s a lot going on this time of year! All the events require a lot of planning and food delivery is one of them. That’s why we’ve created a list of top seasonal office food delivery restaurants that cater for big events to help you plan a perfect office party! 

To make planning all the Autumn events easier, we created a list of restaurants with holiday-themed menus and offers! If you are looking for holiday office catering options for diwali or christmas, here are some tips for ordering delicious seasonal meals from your food delivery services.


Diwali is a new beginning and of good fortune. It is also called “the Festival of Lights” and is marked by the lighting of lamps (diyas), fireworks, firecrackers, processions and family gatherings. To make this time extra special it’s important to celebrate with a good plate of food.

Atcha is an Indian restaurant with commitment to healthy, fresh ingredients. It is a fresh alternative to more traditional Indian restaurants, with a focus on light and nutrient-rich dishes that make for an easy way to eat healthily during the day. They offer a separate menu designed for Diwalii celebration which includes Sharing Trays and a Pop-Up Menu. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday season or just want to add a little zing to your lunch break, Atcha menu provides plenty of options for a perfect treat. 

Feedr favourites: 

  • Vegetable Pilau with Caramelised Onions, Cranberries & Coconut (Vg)
  • Paneer Butter Masala (V)- grilled Indian cheese in a buttery tomato sauce
  • Mango Lassi (V) – made with Alphonso & Kesar
Indian food and decorations

Holy Cow

Holy Cow is a Fine Indian Restaurant that offers a variety of foods perfect for intimate dinners or cocktail parties. Their whole menu is vegan, making it easier to accommodate everyone’s needs and requirements, while still serving delicious food. A bonus of ordering food from Holy Cow is their mission- for every order they donate a meal to a school child in India to help lift them out of poverty.

Feedr favourites:

  • Punjabi Samosas (Vg)
  • Daal Makhani (Vg)

EK Bakery

Halloween is just around the corner and the countdown has begun! If you’re hosting a party, you may be looking for some fun ideas for dessert. EK Bakery offers a range of brownies, cakes and sweet treats. Each month, they produce a fresh special with a focus on seasonal goods and ingredients. Their autumnal cakes will be perfect for a Halloween snack or a themed office party. 

Feedr favourites:

  • Trick or treat brownies (comes in a box of 25)
Halloween sweets

Cafe Route

Cafe Route is a deli serving Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean food, using local ingredients and keeping in a modern spirit. They offer seasonal menus for many events and holidays, and luckily Halloween is one of them! In the menu you will find a “Dead Board” or “Puking Pumpkin” platters, full of spooky themed dishes with vegan, vegetarian and dairy free options. Therefore, If you’re looking for a creative way to provide food on Halloween night Cafe Route got you covered!

Feedr favourites:

  • Dead Board (Serves 20) A prosciutto fleshed human skull, surrounded by Salami, French Brie, Mature Cheddar, Red Leicester, Wensleydale with Cranberries, Blue Stilton, Fig Jam & Breadsticks
  • VEGAN Witch Hair Pasta- Tofu and pesto with thick black spaghetti hair

Le Montmarte

It’s never too early to start planning your office Christmas party, and it’s important to get it right. Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year for office parties. The weather is cold, people are in a good mood and it’s a great excuse to get everyone together. Make sure to choose a catering that will make sure no one goes hungry (or thirsty) at your event.

Le Montmarte offers a Christmas menu perfect for a big group event. Their menu contains canapes, starters, mains, desserts and drinks. There are plenty of options, including gluten free, vegan and vegetarian to meet all the dietary requirements. 

 It is a perfect way to get all the essentials covered with one delivery and gives you more time to plan other details. 

Feedr favourites:

  • Whole Salmon Roasted
  • Half roasted aubergine (Vg)
  • Christmas Canapes
People at the Christmas office party

Nina’s Bakery

Christmas is the season of sweets and cakes and they are an essential part of any festive feast. They’re not only delicious but they look so pretty too! Plus, they’re great for sharing with family and friends.There are many options available for Christmas cakes and cookies. Whether you’re looking for an easy dessert or something more elaborate, Nina’s Bakery has a wide range of cakes, desserts and pastries to choose from. During the holiday season they offer Christmas themed cakes, cupcakes and gingerbread flavored sweets.  If you are looking for something unique then this bakery will be able to help you out with their vast variety of products.

Feedr favourites:

  • Red Velvet Christmas Cake
  • Gingerbread Man Cupcake
A slice of a Christmas cake - seasonal office food deliveries by Feedr

So when that time comes, and you are wondering what to order for your party, hopefully this article will help you decide on food. And with that said, here’s to a great holiday season!

We have loads more options to choose from for any office party and every upcoming  holiday celebration!