The Ultimate Office Food Calendar 2023

The Ultimate Office Food Calendar 2023

If you’re looking for fun and unique ways to improve culture at your office, take a look at our ultimate food calendar for 2023 to see how you can celebrate with food! 

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Starting off strong, January is also known as Veganuary, which you can celebrate by offering all sorts of meat alternatives and plant-based meals to the office via our variety of vendors. Veganuary is also all about sustainability and keeping in mind the environment. By eating vegan food in the office for a month, you can protect the environment and provide for all dietary restrictions among your employees. Here is Feedr’s ultimate guide to doing Veganuary right!

Image of vegan spring rolls on a plate surrounding a bowl of dipping sauce.
Credit: Ella Olsson


The 9th of February is known as National Pizza Day! So make it an event at the office by bringing in deliciously hot and cheesy pizzas. Feedr also offers pop-ups that can bring chefs to make them fresh, right in your office. If you are looking for pure fuel, try Protein Pizza – they provide tasty slices packed with (you guessed it) protein! Or if you’d like a slice of classic New York Style pizza, look to Voodoo Rays, whose giant 22 inch pizzas are perfect for sharing with the whole crew!


Nothing brings more joy than the 1st of March, Pancake Day! Make it an event at your office by having warm, fluffy pancakes delivered for breakfast. We provide a variety of breakfast services that will liven up the office and bring your employees together for a sweet start to the month!

A stack of pancakes with a bite taken out of them on a plate with a fork. Topped with raspberries, blueberries, and icing sugar. Add pancake day to your office food calendar!
Credit: Jaqueline Pelzer

Starting on the 7th of March is a national celebration, British Pie Week! Treat your employees by providing tasty, traditional pies for lunch throughout the week.

Also celebrated in March:

  • Plant Power Day (7th)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (17th)


The 22nd of April is Earth Day, a day when your office can collectively think about how to work to be more environmentally mindful. Help give back with Feedr through our meal for a meal programme, that donates a meal to the Akshaya Patra Foundation with every order placed on our platform. Check out what makes Feedr a green company, and how much we value sustainability and community.

Also celebrated in April:

  • Cheese Fondue Day (11th)


The highlights of May are National Vegetarian Week (16th-23rd) and International Hamburger Day (28th). Enjoy these food days by going for full veggie options for the week – Feedr has an assortment of vendors that provide plant-based meals that are both sustainable and nutritious. Better yet, combine the two and have a veggie hamburger day! Our vendors such as Halo Burger provide meat-free hamburgers that are just as juicy and delicious.

A tray of Halo Burger's vegan burgers, fries, and drinks.
Halo Burger’s Vegan Burgers and Fries

Also celebrated in May:

  • International Hummus Day (13th)
  • Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21st)


Signify the importance of employee wellbeing and healthy eating habits with Global Wellness Day on June 10th. This is a date to encourage nutrition, mindfulness, and happiness and to show your colleagues how much you value them by giving them a healthy and sustainably sourced meal. Feedr’s vendors are hand-picked in order to provide food that is good for more than your soul – tasty and nutritious!

There is no greater treat than having a platter of fresh sushi when your stomach is rumbling. Make that dream a reality on International Sushi Day on the 18th of June, a date for a sushi office celebration! You can have classic sushi brought to you from K10 Sushi or sushi-inspired dishes such as sushi burritos from Cha-Cha Roll to mix it up!

ChaCha Roll sushi burritos.
ChaCha Roll Sushi Burritos

Also celebrated in June:

  • International Falafel Day (12th)


July is also known as Picnic Month! So you can take advantage of the warm summer weather by taking the festivities outside with a platter of sandwiches from our vendors such as Opso –  home-cooked Greek food, and Carbon – a trendy charcoal grill restaurant inspired by multiple international cuisines. 

Also celebrated in July:

  • World Chocolate Day (7th)


It is the middle of summer – time to lavish in the sunshine and enjoy the warm breeze. The best way to do it is by having an office BBQ bash to bring the team together! Several of our vendors offer a variety of BBQ pop-ups to serve up freshly grilled meats and vegetables hot on the plate! Karma Cans specialises in classic BBQ glazed sausages, grilled vegetables, and they also mix fruity and refreshing summer cocktails to liven up the party! Another option for the classic burger is Café Route – they have a range of Mediterranean-inspired burgers that come in both meaty and plant-based options.

Cafe Route burger on a plate with fries.
Cafe Route Burger

Also celebrated in August:

  • Afternoon Tea Week (7-13th)


Bring the team together by eating healthily and organically for Organic September. Feedr can help by bringing you vendors who only use environmentally-friendly, sustainably-sourced, and of course, organic ingredients. If you are looking for healthy lunch options we provide nutritious and organically-sourced meals from a variety of cuisines. Crussh offers balanced breakfasts with high protein content to keep you energized throughout the day, and Acai Girls specialise in salad bowls that focus on the science of nutrition to provide you with the tastiest and healthiest meals. 

An array of organic vegetables. Add Organic September to your food calendar!


World Food Day will take place on the 16th of October, and your workplace can celebrate by bringing in dishes from all the international cuisines that Feedr has to offer. Make it an event by serving up meals from all over the world with our diverse array of vendors based in London. Check out all the foods from around the world that can be brought to you by Feedr.

Bring the spookiness in October 2023 by trick-or-treating your office with some deliciously exciting autumnal meals. Our vendors offer delightfully eerie Halloween menus that take fresh seasonal ingredients and transform them into a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.


Holiday season commences! In November we celebrate one of the great food holidays: Thanksgiving! Roast turkey, cranberry sauce, yams, stuffing, and best of all pumpkin pie are all part of the classic Thanksgiving day feast. At Feedr, our vendors do themed menus that add a twist to the traditional dishes – such as Anson and Curtis and Peppercorn!

A Thanksgiving dinner featuring walnut and pumpkin pie, yams, cranberry sauce, and a roast ham.
Credit: Jed Owen

Also celebrated in November: 

  • World Vegan Day (1st)
  • Bonfire Night (5th)


Making our way all the way back to December, it is the festive season once again! Turn up the notch at your office holiday party by serving up the perfect Christmas roast or bringing in some classic Santa-themed sweet treats by our vendors who create brand new menus and offerings in true festive spirit! Our special Christmas menus from this year include sweet treats from Pocket Rocket and jolly Christmas hampers from Le Montmartre.

Also celebrated in December:

  • Pigs in Blanket Day (5th)

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