Top 4 UK Startups That Give Back All Year Round

Top 4 UK Startups That Give Back All Year Round

This time of year is all about giving, to both friends and strangers, those with, and those without. There has been a growing trend in recent years around tech startups integrating philanthropy into their business model, with over half of companies signing up to the Pledge 1% movement falling into the tech industry, and 76% of millennials saying they now see business as a force for positive social impact. Here, we’ve gathered the 4 UK startups that give back year-round.


1. Make Kit

Make Kit is on a mission to make healthy, sustainable diets accessible to all. They launched as a meal kit delivery service, donating meat-free meals to households around London. For every meal kit delivered, they make a donation that helps fund their healthy eating programmes and workshops for families in need.


2. Beauty Banks

For too many in Britain, sanitary products and soapy showers are an impossible luxury. Sali Hughes and Jo Jones are tackling that with Beauty Banks. Their mission? To provide essential toiletry supplies to people who can’t afford them, via partner charities and donations from across the UK.


3. Optimizely

Optimizely is a platform that helps marketing and product teams build better websites. They offer their services at a discount to nonprofits and charities, empowering increased donations, signups, and online effectiveness for these organisations.


4. Feedr

Yep, you guessed it, we are part of this at Feedr too. Since we launched in 2016, we have been working closely with the Akshaya Patra Foundation. For every meal we serve through our platform, we donate one to a school child in rural India.


So there you have it. Gone are the days of profits over people, with more and more companies putting social impact at the heart of their business model. This year, we donated over 280% more meals through the Akshaya Patra Foundation than in 2017. Here’s to an even higher impact in 2019!

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